Google Flight Explorer – Save Money When You Fly

Google Flight Explorer - Save Money When You Fly

So you’re ready for your next trip out of the city, and you’ve managed to snag a little over a week off in vacation days. You’ve always wanted to visit that to-die-for looking resort across the country but it would take you two days to drive there and two days to drive back.

After some quick math, you’ve calculated that you’ve spent at least half of your vacation days driving and only to have 3-4 days to actually enjoy the resort. Is that really a vacation? Sure driving can be a more viable option than flying in terms of transportation costs. But are you willing to sacrifice the much deserved relaxation time to sit in a car for days on end?

Google Flight Explorer - Save Money When You Fly

We all know that flights get cheaper towards the date that we’re interested in, but we’re also flirting with the possibility that seats can be sold out. And we also know that certain times of the year are cheaper than others, but it changes depending on where you’re flying to. So obviously the first step to take would be to do a quick online search of “cheap flights” and the destination that we’re interested in. But then the anxiety sets in.

What if the price drops tomorrow after I’ve already bought my tickets? What if I wait and the price actually jumps up? Shit, what do I do?

The possibilities are endless, and if you’re like us and not stacked with cash, then the option to save a couple bucks is always of interest.

Google Flight Explorer - Save Money When You Fly

Enter: Google Flight Explorer. With a simple few clicks of buttons, the flight search engine can provide you with the cheapest flights within a 2 month time frame and upwards to a year. It compares real time prices of airlines worldwide to give us a quick snapshot of what any time of the year may look like in terms of flight costs.

You can easily adjust the settings to accomodate your needs such as inbound and outbound times, duration, and my absolute favorite – stops.

Google Flight Explorer - Save Money When You Fly

Sure, CheapoAir may have just gotten you a sick deal on a round trip flight from New York to Japan, and basically knocked off $400 of what other competitors are offering. But each flight going one way has 2 layovers. The first one was about 1 hour – not too bad, just enough time to catch your connecting flight, but the second was 5 hours – what are you supposed to do but waste time?

Google’s Flight Explorer lets you customize how many stops your flight takes (kind of like a bus route) so that you can tailor your travel time. If doing multiple layovers isn’t a big deal to you, than you can simply choose the “Any” option to widen your range of opportunities.

So the next time, instead of using Expedia to check through 2 months worth of flights, why not try Flight Explorer first. From there find a timing that works for you and then move over to your flight website to book the cheapest flight possible.

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