The Great Dairy Debate

dairy debate

the great dairy debate

“To milk, or not to milk…The Great Dairy Debate”

From your favourite Trendy Fit columnist: Steph

So by now if you are following my weekly column, you know that last week we talked about eating clean. This week we’re talking about dairy. Are there adverse effects to eating dairy? Is dairy the only source of calcium?  And what is dairy telling you about your body? Welcome to the Great Dairy Debate.

dairy debate

The Canadian Food guide counts dairy as one of the proper food groups to follow in healthy eating and to have a well-rounded diet. “They” say that if you simply follow the Canadian food guide, you will be a healthy human being. By now, we know that everyone’s digestion system is not a “one size fits all” system. Now a days we have intolerances and ailments that range from A to Z; everyone cannot just simply follow the same diet and assume that it will just work for them and their individual needs. For many of us, the side effects to dairy products have been linked to symptoms that you may not have even known could have been caused by dairy consumption. Whether these thoughts are conclusive (no research ever really is) is what we now refer to as the Dairy Debate.

Some of these side effects the Dairy Debate boasts include fatigue, sinus congestion, seasonal allergies, and digestive upset such as bloating, gas or worse (eek!). Further, in both children and adults, a variety of skin conditions, including eczema and acne, have also been shown to result from allergies to lactose, casein protein, or whey protein, which are found in dairy products.

dairy debate

Now, I am not an expert nor do I claim to be, but I have been following fairly simple rules for the past 2 years and I have figured out what works for me. I now have it down to a system where I can instantly feel what’s happening to my body when I put something into it that I know I shouldn’t. This is called: listening to your body. You can figure out what your body needs by monitoring what is already going into it. Further to the ailments listed above, are you experiencing any of these side effects? Maybe stop and think about what you consume on a daily basis and how this could be affecting you.

dairy debate

One of the major things I’ve come to learn about my body is I do not need dairy. I do however need calcium, BUT where do I get it? It is recommended that adults should consume 1000 mg of calcium per day and sometimes even when dairy is an option, this task can be a difficult one. Other major sources for calcium that are dairy free are oranges, kale, seaweed, white beans and especially almonds. Almond milk is a great substitute for cow’s milk, and one that I choose myself, just be sure to watch the amount of sugar added in!

dairy debate

Now, I’m not telling you to live your life like I live mine, all I’m here to do is maybe present to you some new information that might make you stop and think; “Hmm, maybe my body is trying to tell me something about my current diet?”  I want you to ask questions and listen to your body, at the end of the day if you aren’t listening, who will? Try going even one week without eating dairy of any kind, while substituting in other sources of calcium and see what your body tells you!

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