Grilled Cheese… Made Fancy

grilled cheese

Cheesy, warm, gourmet slab of goodness… grilled cheese is the perfect yummy canvas to customize.

There is nothing like a comfort food that is not only easy to make but is also absolutely delicious. We can call it gourmet comfort food (as much of an oxymoron as that is).

The basic grilled cheese (i.e. cheese, bread, and butter… lots of butter) is fantastic on its own. Its gooey warmth brings back those days when our moms would have it on the table after school. Granted, we’ve probably graduated from the Kraft Singles grilled cheese sandwiches. I mean, we definitely graduated from the “just heat it up in the microwave” grilled cheese sandwiches (don’t pretend, we all tried it once or twice). 

Despite this, we haven’t grown out of the grilled cheese sandwich (just its crappy renditions). In fact, the recent years have given grilled cheese a resurgence, but in the form of the gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. Basically, this means that grilled cheese welcomed fancier condiments in between its cheesy layers. We suppose this gourmet revamp made them super popular, which explains why restos have upped the prices.

We can’t lie though- these gourmet grilled cheeses are mouth watering and worth it.

Recently, we visited Melt, in Toronto, Canada. They essentially reinforce everything that the gourmet grilled cheese is… absolutely delicious.

grilled cheese

We tried the bacon avocado (see feature image) and it was scrumptious. The fresh ingredients in between the decadent cheesy goodness made us feel less blah after eating it.

That being said, you don’t have to go out to buy those gourmet grilled cheeses when you have the craving. You can easily slide in any ingredient you want.

Try these for maximum flavour:

  • bacon
  • avocado
  • spinach
  • tomato
  • onions (red)
  • red bell peppers
  • pulled pork/beef
  • lamb
  • lettuce
  • ham

Tell us:

How do you like your grilled cheese? Is it even all that?

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