10 Different Ways to Binge on Fruits

10 Different Ways to Binge on Fruits

When you’re finished your main course, let’s face it – everyone wants dessert. So let’s break out the cake and cookies and be done for the day! Hold on a second, all that stuff is chalked full of useless sugars that are just going to make you regret that you ever took a bite the next morning. Plus that’s a lot of extra work to bake a cake and cookies by hand (unless you cheat and buy it premade). So what about fruits? They’re nice and sweet and are basically already premade goodies for you to share!

1. Grilled Fruit Skewers

Why not just grill fruits at the same time that you’re grilling your meat? Just make sure that you don’t place it on the same rack as the raw meat! We recommend placing your fruits on a higher rack so that their sweet juices will drip onto your meet and make that protein even tastier than ever before (let’s avoid meat flavored pineapples shall we).

If you’re looking for an option for your guests to snack on, chop up a bunch of your fruits and throw them onto skewers. This way they can tingle their taste buds with a variety of different flavors without committing to a large slice of sugary goodness – who wants to commit when you can flirt!

10 Different Ways to Binge on Fruits

2. Grilled Fruits and… ICE CREAM!

What’s better than eating grilled hot sugary fruits than with a cold scoop of ice cream on the side? Ice cream always tastes good, but it tastes the best when combined with something warm enough to make it melt.

10 Different Ways to Binge on Fruits

3. What About a Pineapple Burger?

Okay so forget the bun, forget the carbs. Just look at this deliciousness. We found this recipe online and it was enough for us to stop what we were doing and just ogle the photo. Two slices of grilled pineapple wedged around a meat patty. Pure bliss. We’re hearing angels sing in our head right now.

10 Different Ways to Binge on Fruits

4. Or What About a Salad?

Why not change up the flavors of your salad by grilling some fruits to throw into it? You know that strawberry and spinach mess you’re about to toss. Stop, skewer those berries and toast them to oblivion. You’re gonna love the crunchier texture that you get off of them as well as that smoky taste. Give your taste buds a surprise by trying something new!

10 Different Ways to Binge on Fruits

5. Fruity Popsicle Explosions

Sure fruit popsicles have been around since the beginning of time (okay maybe not), but there are always new styles and ways of putting them together to stay ahead of the times. With mixing fabrics and textures in outfits, the same can be done for food. Instead of blending every single fruit together for a popsicle, why not try layering flavors? Or even better, blend some of the fruits and throw other chunks of fruits in as well. We’re especially loving Song of Style’s Peach Pops!

10 Different Ways to Binge on Fruits

6. Candied Fruits

Fruits already have sugar in them, but how about taking it to the next step and candying them?  They’re a quick and “drier” snack to bring around with you everywhere (may we suggest to class even) and last longer than fresh fruits.

10 Different Ways to Binge on Fruits

7. Watermelon Shaved Ice

Okay so this doesn’t have to necessarily be done with just watermelons, but everyone loves watermelons in the summer. Everyone loves watermelon and everyone loves staying cool in this ridiculous heat. Shaved ice is a popular dessert in Asia, but we have no idea why it isn’t in North America! It’s so easy to make, so why not make your own? We found this super easy recipe from the fabulous Youtuber Stilababe09 that we’re dying to try.

10 Different Ways to Binge on Fruits

8. Fruit Sandwiches

When in Rome, do as the Romans do… Well no, because we’re not in Rome, but if you are then… you know. But seriously though, you guys should try out this fruit sandwhich concoction that is seriously popular in Japan. It’s kind of like a hybrid cake/sandwich type of food and totally light and easy to eat. Here’s a recipe if you’re interested in trying it out tonight!

10 Different Ways to Binge on Fruits

9. Salt and Chilli Pepper with Fruits

While we’re on the topic of Asia, let’s also discuss another method that they use when eating fruits – salt and chilli pepper. Yes, they dip their fruits into it. In bitter fruits, the salt actually helps to nulify the taste and bring out the sweetness. With fruits that are already ripe and sweet, the salt helps to tone down the sweetness so that the fruit is a little bit more tolerable. Not everyone likes sugar for their entire life and as you get old, your sweet tooth starts to wear off a bit.

10 Different Ways to Binge on Fruits

10. Pineapple Fried Rice

It’s easy to find bread bowls where you can order your soup to go in it, but have you ever tried pineapple fried rice. It’s actually a lot cooler than it sounds and you don’t just stir fry pineapples into your rice. Instead you scoop out the innards of  pineapple and use it like a bowl with your rice inside. Whoever thought that incorporating fruit into your main meal is a pure genius and needs to be given a medal for it. Kudos to being able to eat dessert while having dinner at the same time!

10 Different Ways to Binge on Fruits

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