The frequency of hair washing has become quite the heated debate as of recent; some girls even opting for the no ‘poo. But besides the so-called health benefits of washing your hair less, let’s face the hard facts. It can be a hassle to wash your hair all the time because it requires dry and styling afterwards (if you want to look as fabulous as we do). Washing your hairĀ is also the nightmare of any girl with intensely colored hair (ie. my pink/purple locks). It’s like watching a unicorn vomit every time I shower. The less water that hits your colored hair, the better.

Some girls are able to go dayssss without washing their hair (lucky bitches), but for a girl with a greasy scalp like mine, it seems impossible to go any more than a day or two. But it’s actually all about how you train your hair to do so. Here’s a science lesson: the more often you wash your hair (aka ripping the natural oils out of your scalp and drying it the hell out), the more your scalp thinks that it needs to produce oil to overcompensate the loss. Once your scalp recognizes that it does not need to work so hard, it will stop. You may have to deal with a week or two of really greasy hair as you transition into this schedule, but it’s worth it, I promise.


Sunday funday prep-day. This is the day that I use to prep myself for the whole week. Grocery shop, schedule my week, and most importantly, prep my hair. I wash my hair on Sunday evening and make sure it’s squeaky clean. I follow up with a blow dry as it leaves it in a better state to last throughout the week. Air drying can leave it limp and frizzy – you don’t want limp and frizzy for 7 days.


A Guide To Washing Your Hair Only Once A Week

I like to take on the feat of one wash a week with curled hair. From my experience, curled hair requires less styling maintenance throughout the week. When I straighten it, I’m required to re-straighten it throughout the week as it does not stay pin-straight (having naturally straight hair does not help the cause apparently). So on Monday, you have a beautiful, perfectly curled mane. Rock it! At night, throw your hair into a very loose ponytail at the top of your head to keep it from tangle and frizz.


A Guide To Washing Your Hair Only Once A Week

For those that can go a second day without getting greasy hair, good for you! If not, it’s time to bring out the dry shampoo. You can also comb through your curls for a more blown-out look. Sexy. Go to sleep in a loose ponytail once again.


A Guide To Washing Your Hair Only Once A Week

Hump day! Because your hair is probably getting pretty limp by Wednesday, give a hump to your hair. Do a half-updo to fight the flat. I personally am enjoying the samurai bun, but for those less ninja, you can do a simple pullback with pins. Go to bed with a loose bun at the top of your head.


A Guide To Washing Your Hair Only Once A Week

Today we will bring our hair up all the way! You can go for a top knot, sock bun, or a braided ponytail, but I like to go with a cute high ponytail. The loose bun you gave it last night will give you enough natural texture to create a voluminous (and non-limpy) updo. I grant you another sleep with a loose bun.


A Guide To Washing Your Hair Only Once A Week

Casual Friday! That means we can wear a hat. The loose bun we went to bed with last night provides the best volume to pair with a hat.


Saturday is your wildcard. You can do any of the previously mentioned styles, depending on what your Saturday brings you. Mine is usually running errands, unfortunately. Put on a bit more dry shampoo if needed! I do not limit you to the amount of dry shampoo used throughout the week. You do you, girl.

And by Sunday, I grant you a hair washing.
You’re welcome.

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  1. Although this sounds nice, being someone who hits the gym 3-4 times a week doing HIIT and cardio, I wish this were possible for my dear scalp, but let’s be honest. No amount of dry shampoo/alternative hairstyles could get me through a week without washing my hair. Sweat + a week build up of grease just do not mix.


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