Foolproof Way to Find Out if the Guy You’re Seeing is Clean

Foolproof Way to Find Out if the Guy You’re Seeing is Clean

So you’ve had a few good dates with a new guy and you’re thinking you’re ready to put out. You’ve set the mood and hint to him that you’re DTF. You have your sexy panties on with the matching bra (this takes real commitment), you’ve shaved, moisturized and showered. You’re feeling fresh, confident and ready to romp around in the sheets.

He takes you back to his place and you guys start to make out passionately. He kisses your neck and gently (yet roughly) tugs on your hair. You run your fingers through his hair while nibbling on his ear. His hands start to move downwards and you’re excited for what’s to come. Clothes start to come off and heavy breathing commences as you both frantically try to undress each other.

Then, all of a sudden, you’re interrupted by your doubts and questions. “Wait! Hold on! Are you STI-free?” Total. Buzz. Kill. Or should we say, instant boner kill. This is the ultimate cock-block ladies, take note. So, how should you go about this delicate subject? Here are a few ways you could bring it up (so he can keep it up).

1. Ask Him to Fill Out a Questionnaire.

Foolproof Way to Find Out if the Guy You’re Seeing is Clean

Maybe substitute the “boyfriend” in this one if you’re worried that will scare him off. Simply have him fill out a form with all the information you need so you can see if you can engage in physical acts of naughtiness with him.

2. Ask Him in a Poem.

Something along the lines of

“Roses are red, violets are blue,

I don’t have an STI, how about you?”

should work just fine.

3. Hire an airplane to ask the question.

Just take him to the park and make sure you’re standing in the right spot and tell him to look up when you spot your message. Who knows, maybe others will spot it too and it will benefit them as well. Sharing is caring.

4. Ask around.

Foolproof Way to Find Out if the Guy You’re Seeing is Clean

You should definitely snoop around his room looking for clues on all the conquests he’s had. Make sure you ask all his friends and family about how many girls he’s slept with. Go through his drawers. Yes, all of them.

5. Ask your friend to ask him.

Just ask one of your friend to ask him. You know, casually when they’re having drinks at the bar or while in the bathroom urinals peeing next to each other.

Okay, but seriously. This is the ultimate way to find out if he’s clean.

Just ask him! It can (probably will) be awkward but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Before engaging in sexual activity with a new partner, you should be able to talk to them about their previous experiences. If he’s acting shady and doesn’t want to tell you, run! He is probably not mature enough and therefore shouldn’t be having sex to begin with. Or he’s hiding something.

This should also be done beforehand, not while you’re half-naked ready to do the D(eed). People can always lie and say they’re clean when they’re really not. You should be able to trust this person you plan on sleeping with to not lie to you. No matter what, always use protection.

Tell us:

How would you ask the person you’re about to sleep with if they’re clean?

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