Guys Vs. Girls: What Rejection Means

Guys Vs. Girls: What Rejection Means

The art of rejection is a complicated issue in the dating game. Sometimes, people get rejected and they move on – but some people don’t. Here are some common rejection statements and what they mean to a guy versus a girl. It gets annoying when someone won’t take “no” for an answer. Mixed messages happen when someone is blinded by love and simply loves the chase of something they can’t have. The next time you decide to use these rejection statements, this is what that person may have felt after you’ve said it.

Guys Vs. Girls: What Rejection Means

“I’m in a relationship”

Guys: Generally, guys will ask this to “test the waters” to see if you are in a relationship. However, this won’t be the end of him. He will still try his best to succeed in getting you to be his new girl. Most guys won’t get phased by this response because it’s used so often, and most of the time it’s a lie.

Girls: To a girl, this usually means that this guy is hands off. However, why does it seem like he’s so much hotter? This kind of rejection goes two ways, either the girl will back off or they will stalk his Facebook and compare his girl to herself. As much as you may say this isn’t true, unfortunately it is.

“I’m busy”

Guys:  Letting a guy know that you are busy is just as effective as not saying anything at all. Saying that you are busy will just encourage him to keep on asking, until you are available. He will try to “accommodate” to your schedule and ask frequently for other dates.

Girls:  Same rules apply, however, she will always question it. She’ll go to her gal pals and continuously ask for advice to somehow make him her man. Or even if he is truly busy, she’ll probably think that he’s trying to ditch her.

“You are not my type”

Guys Vs. Girls What Rejection MeansGuys: Somehow, guys are under the impression that they can change to whatever “type” you are into. Once you say that they are not your type then he’ll start asking questions about who your ideal type is. Eventually this comical situation, he will then turn into the guy of your dreams, hypothetically.

GirlsUsually, this will devestate a girl. Not only did she get the wrong impression from the guy – but that she spent her precious time trying to get to know him. Generally, gals are hesitant to let her crush know that she likes him but when she actually makes a move and was rejected? Oh no, the guy should just run for the hills.

“I am not looking for a relationship”

GuysGuys know that you are lying when you say that you are not looking for a relationship. He’s heard this rejection statement many times before, and he is not fazed by it anymore. Even if you aren’t,  this statement usually trigger anger and resentment.

GirlsBad news for the guy, once you’ve rejected her – she’s gonna let all of her friends know that he is playing the field. This may or may not be true but hey, sometimes she’ll just send out a PSA to keep tabs on him.

“I thought we were just friends”

Guys Vs. Girls: What Rejection MeansGuysFriendzoned. Not only is he in the realm of no return but now he may question his own pick up skills. He might  also think that he is incapable of getting any girl. Being friendzoned is an extremely shameful to a guy, and it gives guys the closure that they may not want.

GirlsBeing friends is not very ideal for a girl. However, she may think being friends is awkward. She’ll either continue being friends (in hopes it will spark a relationship) or start ignoring him for the rest of her life.

So, what rejection statement does work?

This is for both guys and gals, but being honest and telling them that you are not interested. Many times, by being outright will give the person closure and the push to get over you. No one likes to be rejected, especially when they worked out the courage to even ask you. So consider their feelings, let them know in the most straight-forward way possible. Also, give you two some space so they can sort out their feelings. Perhaps it was just a phase. In the mean time, while you are feeling resentment from being rejected, check out our song playlist to help you get over that person faster!

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