Gym-timidation: How I Overcame My Biggest Health Obstacle

Gym-timidation: How I Overcame My Biggest Health Obstacle


Are You Gym-Timidated?

From your favourite Trendy Fit columnist: Steph

There are many obstacles that can stand in someone’s way to getting healthy. A major one is gym intimidation or gym-timidation (hah!). This past year I joined an all-woman’s gym. I couldn’t believe the difference I felt after walking in the door the first time. The vibe was totally different and I knew I was going to love it there. After trying out over 5 gyms in my lifetime, I’ve come across many issues or obstacles that can intimidate a person from going to the gym. There are certain things about a gym that can drive a person away, but this shouldn’t be the case. Try some very simple preparation tidbits to help you get into a new groove!

Gym-timidation: How I Overcame My Biggest Health Obstacle

Sometimes just being educated on the whole process can save you tons of cash.

There are rights set in place by the Canadian government to protect consumers, especially regarding memberships. Research online what rights you are entitled to as a consumer prior to visiting and signing up for a membership at different gyms.

Gym-timidation: How I Overcame My Biggest Health Obstacle

If you’ve been to a gym before then you know that gym employees are trained to sell, sell, sell. Personal Training is one of their biggest sales tactics- to sell you on a better life! “You can see results 70% faster with personal training!” While this is true, not everyone can afford the jacked up rates set in place by big box gyms. Before going in, you should know what your fitness goals are, ask questions, and by all means, set up a consultation to discuss these things with a professional. Most gyms will give you these consultations for free as well as a free trial period. Use this to your advantage and try it on- see if this establishment is exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t get gym-timidation

Here’s my advice- be firm on what you want, and what you don’t want. If you have a strict budget that only includes the cost of a membership, be clear about this! I’m telling you right now, you will be pushed into buying a $800/month personal training package (it happened to me) because you don’t know how to say no. Here is where your consumer rights come into place: you can cancel after you leave and decide no, I actually cannot afford that.

Gym-timidation: How I Overcame My Biggest Health Obstacle

Do not get me wrong, your health is worth this amount each month, however if you cannot afford food after you buy personal training- its time to explore other options! Sometimes veering away from the big-box type gyms and focusing on more private gyms, you can skip this torment all together! There are always a variety of opportunities out there!

Do your homework- look into the most common machines before you go, and what it is they do. If you are unfamiliar with a gym, most establishments will carry most of the same equipment, but different brands. They will have your circuit training machines, cardio, and free weights with extra bells and whistles depending on the business. Research what it is that you are looking for, based on your fitness goals and when you go in, you’ll already have an idea of what you’re looking for. Preparation is key in fitness!

Gym-timidation: How I Overcame My Biggest Health Obstacle

Sometimes just the thought of a gym scares people; do not let this be the reason to stop you from getting fit and healthy! If you feel intimidated, my best advice is to simply go in, ask the questions that you need answers to and ask for a tour and trial. Be very clear about what you are looking for that day and 9 times out of 10, the person there will be more then happy to help you get your fitness journey started.

Still feeling the gym-timidation?

If after you’ve read all of these options you still are feeling the gym-timidation, that’s ok! There are always more alternatives available to you to getting fit and healthy. Start by doing something in your own home. I’m telling you for the times I couldn’t even afford a gym membership, YouTube was my savior! Search anything you can think of along the lines of “How to get a: bikini body, firm buns, toned arms, get rid of thanksgiving turkey gut, etc”. You will find something to move to on YouTube! After all, fitness instructors are here to help you achieve your goals, not stop you.

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