Halloween Etiquette to Have the Best Halloween

Halloween Etiquette to Have the Best Halloween

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Halloween Etiquette to Have the Best HalloweenHalloween has to be the third most loved and celebrated calendar event of the year for kids right after their birthdays and Christmas! Admit it moms, we also get secretly excited about Halloween just as much as our children do – all those chocolate bars, chips, lollipops and candy! What’s not to love?

There’s an etiquette to every event and Halloween is no exception. Here are the rules of conduct that we should follow with our little ones on this yummy day:


Children three years of age and up are most happiest when they choose their own costumes. They will certainly have more fun trick or treating in them. Go shopping with the youngsters – it’s a lot of fun to watch them choose and debate out loud which costume will be the best for them in the evening of Halloween. (Children take costume-picking very seriously). Toddlers are still learning about Halloween and therefore parents can safely choose their costumes for them!

Halloween Etiquette to Have the Best Halloween


Halloween Baskets

The number one accessory is the Halloween basket. It has to be easy to carry by little hands, super-fun and deep enough to hold 50 pieces of treats. After all, treats are what Halloween is all about. Here are some Halloween basket suggestions for when it’s time for the kids to say ‘Trick or Treat?’.

Halloween Etiquette to Have the Best HalloweenHalloween Cards

If your children are in school purchase Halloween cards for them to give out to their classmates. Halloween stickers are also a great idea – kids love them. Tell  your little ones to do the writing, designing and sticking by themselves. Give them complete freedom, sexy mommies – this is their project. (Do help if they need to know how to spell their friends’ names). They’ll be full of joy and pride handing out  their Halloween cards to all of their friends at school!

Halloween Etiquette to Have the Best Halloween‘Trick or Treat?’ Hours

Ever wonder, girlfriends, how many hours should be devoted to ‘Trick or Treat?’ One! One hour is perfectly OK. Time flies on Halloween. Before you head out with the kids tell them that they have an hour to ‘Trick or Treat’. Once they are knocking on doors and collecting treats, mommies you’ll see how focused, driven and motivated the littles ones become. Remind them every 15 minutes how much time they have left. Make ‘Trick or Treat’ hour like a race – The Amazing Race for treats! (Moms, you’ll need your Nike’s on – kids are fast when candy is involved).

Halloween Etiquette to Have the Best Halloween

Knock, Knock Etiquette

If a house in your neighbourhood has its lights out and there isn’t any Halloween decorations on display, chances are: no one’s home or the home owners have chosen not to participate in this year’s Halloween celebrations. Skip this house respectfully – don’t interrupt their peace. Kids need to learn to respect their neighbours’ decisions. Keep on hopping along to the next door, time is of the essence!

Halloween Candy Consumption

How much candy are our children allowed to eat on the night of Halloween? Five pieces. Ask the little ones to select their top five treats to munch on. They’ve worked hard and deserve the fruits of their labour. The next day kids can eat three pieces of candy and the day following – one piece of candy. This way every day they can enjoy a treat that will take them well into Christmas. Their candy will last for months if we sexy mommies follow this Halloween Etiquette, plus “Healthy teeth, healthy bodies!”. Always remember to brush those pearly whites after eating the M&Ms!

Parents, Ask Before you Snack

Mommies, I know you want some of those Snickers and Mars bars – ask first please, before you reach for the candy. Those are our childrens candy and we need to show them respect by asking if we may indulge in their treats. If the little darlings don’t wish to share – respect their decision and keep your hands to yourself and hope for the best. However, I’m absolutely, positively sure that our little darlings will gladly share with mommy and daddy! (Halloween Candy Consumption etiquette applies to parents also).

Halloween Etiquette to Have the Best Halloween

Halloween Games

Candy Counting Game: Ask the little darlings if the know how much candy they have in their Halloween baskets. Now, count all the candy with your kids – it’s amazing to see the youngsters faces when they hear how much candy pieces they’ve actually collected. They’ll be telling their friends at school all about it!
Most Popular Candy Game: Ask your kiddies to see which candy they have the most of by separating the treats in piles: the Snickers goes in one pile, the Mars in another, the M&Ms in a third, and so on. A fun Halloween game for the whole family!
Guess the Treat Game: Try and guess what type of treat the kids have in their hands, behind their backs – no peaking, sexy mommies. The whole family will be giggling and laughing while trying to guess the candy!

Congratulate the Kids on a Successful Halloween

Praise the little ones on how well they listened, how focused and polite they were on Halloween. Give out Hi5s, hugs and kisses. Children need to hear from us how amazing they are. A successful Halloween is a good Halloween!
Halloween is a joyous day for all ages. Follow the Halloween Etiquette  and let’s be thankful for all the candy we receive. Happy Halloween, sexy mommies!
Family Tip: What’s the best way to get rid of that Halloween sugar rush on Halloween weekend? Sky Zone!  An hour on the trampolines burns 1000 calories. *wink*

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