HPLARPnick“Nearly headless? How can you be ‘nearly- headless?'”

Well, Hermione, it seems Nearly Headless Nick isn’t the only one you’ll be questioning this year.

Calling all Harry Potter fanatics, far and wide. No longer must you live in the muggle world, your magical gifts going unnoticed. Rollespilsfabrikken and LiveForm are bringing you the realest wizarding world experience up to date.

The companies have come together to create the College of Wizardry in Czocha, Poland. Players will reside at a museum castle, bringing the Hogwarts experience to reality.

On Monday December 1st, the College of Wizardry released registration for their sequel event. The first run was in November of this year, and only those who attended the first will be eligible for registration to the second. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and, of course, immersed in the Harry Potter culture- if you have any hopes of understanding what’s going on that is.

Different from the online wizarding world, Pottermore, the College of Wizardry offers brings the pages of Potter to life. With classrooms, a dining hall, intramural quidditch and much more, participants can role play professors, students, and ghosts. There is also a crew that helps keep the facility running, but those positions are filled by staff of the College.

HPLARPgroupDue to the standing drama and character conflicts in the fictional Harry Potter books, participants are asked to play nice and hold certain levels respect. Because LARPing can really pull out emotions from characters’ back stories, the College of Wizardry has to set stern rules in order to ensure no one will get hurt.

The role play goes on from Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning, with food and lodging included for the price of 280€. This price also includes a standard wizarding robe, a study book and a tie in respective house colours- all must be returned at the end of the weekend, unless you would like to purchase them as souvenirs.

But let’s face it, if you’re interested enough in the wizarding world to fly to Poland for a long weekend LARP gathering, you’ll probably want to hold on to all of the memorabilia possible.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw3n0no5Un8&w=600&h=363]

Though the school days of Harry, Ron and Hermione have come to an end, there are more and more things bringing the magic to life and back into the hearts of J.K. Rowling’s dedicated fans. The Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, the travelling Harry Potter Exhibition and many other displays of the wizarding world have allowed muggles to keep living vicariously through Rowling’s characters.

More images from the first LARP are available from John-Paul Bichard.

Tell Us:

Will you be fighting for a spot at the LARP or has the magic come to an end for you?

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