Greek Food Will Help You Stop Eating McD’s!

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It’s tough to believe that anything healthy can be remotely tasty (especially if you’re not used to under processed, blander food). If you’re on the fence of going on a full out no-fat diet (also, don’t do that!), but aren’t ready to start cutting out those things that tingle your taste buds, have no fear! Greek food is here!

Well, Greek food has always been here. It just happens to be a great way for you to transition out of your McD’s days without feeling depressed. True, Greek foods aren’t really 100% healthy– especially since many Greek restos tend to load up their cuisine with butter and red meats. There are, however, a ton of healthy choices on the Greek menu- you just have to look out for them properly.

Our go-to Greek meal is a chicken souvlaki pita and a fresh Greek salad. It hits the craving right on the spot. The pita gives you a tasty burst of flavour that makes you forget that Big Mac you were craving a little earlier. The salad is that refreshing filler that’s as visually appealing as it is tasty.

I mean, how could you say no to such a colourful bowl of delight, such as this?

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Be careful how much Greek dressing you put on your salad- other than that, you can enjoy it without an ounce of guilt!

We ventured to The Greek, in Toronto, Canada (the cuisine featured in these scrumptious photos), to put our philosophy of healthy Greek food to the test. We were not disappointed. The prices were close if not equivalent to what we would have spent on fast food (as most quick Greek places are) and we left with that perfect full-but-not-gross feeling.

We are adamant that Greek food is that perfect balance between delicious and healthy.

Tell us:

Do you agree that Greek food is both delicious and healthy- and a great alternative to fast food?

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