What The Hell Are These IUD Contraptions?

“First we’re taking pills galore, now it’s a surgery looking bug device? Geez, what’s next in the world of contraceptives?”


Birth control and all its many forms is seen as a huge coup d’état for women and women’s right to choice. Pills, female condoms, rings, oh boy, the list goes on. We’re sure, like us, you’ve been hearing a lot of hype about this new IUD device that looks like a strange little bug. It’s quite small but apparently it packs a punch in the birth control department.

Providing you believe in birth control (that’s definitely not up for us to decide), the IUD is an interesting technology. Those of us who do use birth control are always on the mission to find the best method. This definitely ranges depending on your body, your comfort, and several other factors.

So what the hell is this IUD?

IUD is an abreviation for “intrauterine device” with two types: the copper and the hormonal IUD. First, it is inserted into the uterus. It begins to release amounts of progestin. Think of progestin as a guard for sperms. Not only this but they thicken up the mucus around so they it’s hard to get through. Basically, Sir Progestin sees the sperm and goes “uh uh sirs, can’t get through here. This egg is off limits.” Some IUDS even have an effect on some women where the egg just doesn’t drop.

The IUD is actually considered one of the most effective contraceptive on the market. In fact, the statistics show that the chances of getting pregnant with a IUD is 1/100 women. Although, like many contraceptives, the IUD doesn’t protect you against STDs and doctors still suggest that you use a condom with an IUD to reduce your chances. Sigh. So much for x-ing out the awkward “put on the condom moment”.

The great thing about these IUDs though are that they are not supposed to change your hormone levels and are known to lessen period cramps (and make your period lighter)- oh my.
the insertion of an IUD has to be done by a doctor and isn’t the most comfortable procedure. They use those special instruments that at first look death-inducing. You can also get some cramping or dizziness after it’s first inserted.

What you need to keep in mind is a little bit of mindful maintenance. Don’t try pulling it out (since it does have a little string hanging from it). This can cause some massive damage. Sometimes even doctors have to do surgery to remove it (it’s rare but possible). It is after all, an invasive device.

IUD insertion
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Most women love the option of the IUD because it lasts 5-12 years, and the cost runs somewhere between $500-$100. pretty good for that long of protection- considering the price of condoms. 

Either way, birth control is a very sensitive and personal issue. It’s great to know the facts though so make sure you go to doc before deciding anything! We think the T shape of the IUD stands for a TERRIFIC addition to the contraceptive option family.

doctor consultation
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