How to Help Your Man trEAT You Right

How Help Your Man trEAT You Right

Good three. Head. Muff diving (ew). Cunnilingus (If you want to get technical). Whatever you want to call it, it’s wonderful. Oral sex is the best form of foreplay when done correctly. When not done right, it’s just awkward. If your significant other is so bad your hello kitty says goodbye, then that is a problem. Ladies, it’s time to stop being deprived and kick that vanilla stuff out the door.

Here are some tips for you to help your man get you to scream for real tonight.

Know His Tongue

How to Help Your Man trEAT You Right

Is his tongue wide and floppy or hard and pointy? The first is best suited for clitoral stimulation because of its shape. The latter, for penetration. Either way, tell him to embrace what he has and help him to compensate for what he doesn’t. You will be able to identify how his tongue plays while you make out with him. The tongue is naturally flexible and versatile, so he should be able to use it well. Practice makes perfect!

Don’t be Afraid of Using Hands

How to Help Your Man trEAT You Right

While he’s down south, tell him to slip in a finger. If you’re shy, lead his hand down there. Tell him to circle or flick (which ever your prefer) his tongue over your clitoris and penetrate with his fingers. Clitoral stimulation feels great, but feels 10x better with penetration. The idea is for him to hit your G-Spot with his finger. Multi-stimulation is a must for most. If you enjoy clitoral stimulation only, lead his hands to your breasts and have him massage you or touch you all over. Remember, you can use your hands to stimulate your pearl or your breasts too. It’s all about preference and comfort!

Leave the ABCs Out

How to Help Your Man trEAT You Right

Contrary to popular male belief, spelling the alphabet does not provide us with satisfaction. The moaning he is hearing is your disappointment, not pleasure. It’s awkward because he’s really trying, but you’re too shy to tell him it’s wrong. Start with “Babe,” and tell him to lick you slowly all over first, then flick his tongue on your pearl. Let him know you want him to circle your clitoris or go a little deeper inside. Lick, suck, and blow. Mix it up. Caution: Advise him not to blow in your vaginal opening because bacteria can get trapped inside. Not sexy.

Don’t be Afraid to Play

How to Help Your Man trEAT You Right

Lead him slowly down south to kiss/lick you thighs and surrounding area. Tell him you like to be teased. Allow him to move his nose/lips/tongue over you lady business. If he expects you to moan when you’re returning the favour, tell him you want to hear the same. He needs to act like this is the best thing he’s eaten for days. If he can believe it, he can achieve it. If you’re into a vibrating sensation, tell him to hum while he is down there. Slurping noises = not okay. If you want to switch it up, position yourself in doggy style and tell him to play with you from the behind angle. Sounds weird, but feels divine. Don’t be afraid to try different angles and positions!

Final thoughts…

How to Help Your Man trEAT You Right

DO NOT allow him to vibrate his head like a Shake Weight when he’s playing with your kitty. Nothing will make you dryer than the Sahara than that. Slow him down so he is gently nuzzling you with his face. If you like what he’s doing, girl let him know. Moan, move your hips, tell him not to stop. Inform him that if he doesn’t appreciate a case of blue balls that he shouldn’t give you the female equivalent (Possibly do this before you get down and dirty)! Finally, don’t be afraid to get what you want – a good partner pays attention. Guys like a freak in the sheets, so let him know what you like.

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