Holidays: Expectation vs Reality

Holidays: Expectation vs Reality

1. The First Snow

Holidays: Expectation vs Reality

Somewhere in the middle of Fall, you anticipate the first snowfall. Thanks to Disney’s Frozen, the perception of winter being wonderful is back. You expect a beautiful layer of snow, white and pristine. Sadly, when it actually snows it’s just a whole lot of flurries and then a mixture of snow and rain, which leads to slush and unpleasant walking experiences. Winter Wonderland? That’s just in the movies.

2. Secret Santa

Holidays: Expectation vs Reality

While the name suggests that you keep it a secret, within hours of knowing who you got, you always end up telling someone or even worse – Swapping. It can be tedious to find a perfect gift within the stipulated budget and for someone that you may not know that well. More often than not, secret santa presents are met with fake approval.

3. Holiday Shopping

Holidays: Expectation vs Reality

Black Friday and Boxing Day – two glorious days of unbeatable prices. It also means a throng of shoppers, long lines and lots of swearing. You might have planned in advance and thought to shop smart this year but the minute you reach the store, all that planning becomes futile – there are a hundred people who planned better than you did. Being first in line? Checking out within 10 minutes of entering a store? That is a beautiful distant dream.

4. Holiday Dinners

Holidays: Expectation vs Reality

Well, right from thanksgiving to hanukkah to Christmas, all those gorgeous tables with the prefect cutlery and a beautiful roast – well that’s just for the home decor and food magazines. In reality, you’re tired from all the cooking and just want to pig out and get it over with!

5. Holiday Drinks

Holidays: Expectation vs Reality While eggnog, hot chocolate and spiced apple cider all sound delicious and there are hundreds of recipes online on how to make them, they don’t always look like they make it in the recipe books and worst of all they won’t taste anything like they’re supposed to. Well, just buy them from a store and pass it off as home made and take in all the complements.

6. Menorah

Holidays: Expectation vs Reality

You went out and bought the nicest candles and asked your kids to make the menorah out of lego hoping that it will help them learn about Hanukkah and its significance while tapping into their creativity. You expected a nice stand just like in the YouTube video but ended up with a disaster? Next time, invest in a candelabrum.

7. Cookies

Holidays: Expectation vs Reality You wanted to bake some healthy cookies with colourful icing and in varied shapes but they turned out to look like something that aren’t fit for consumption. Well, here’s a simple cookie recipe to try next year!

8. Snowmen

Holidays: Expectation vs Reality You went out and got the right kind of carving tools and even read up on how to make those perfect balls of snow but sadly for you, your snowman looks less like Olaf and more like a pile of snow shovelled off of someones driveway.

9. Presents/Gifts

Holidays: Expectation vs Reality Pretty wrapping paper and perfectly tied ribbons, that’s only when you have professionals in the store do it for you. All those DIY methods look easy but when you try them, it’s just a whole big mess of glue and paper. Just invest in gift bags next time and skip the wrapping.

10. Holiday Pictures

Holidays: Expectation vs Reality

Coordinated outfits and salon hair, all for that perfect family holiday postcard but sadly no amount of effort can get everyone to smile at the same time. In reality, everyone has minor quirks which only the camera seems to notice and capture!

11. New Years Party Expectations

Holidays: Expectation vs Reality You spent a bomb on that classy outfit and even bought tickets online to the best party in town. Their advertisement said there will be a huge selection of food, drinks and have an amazing DJ playing at the venue. You go there and find hundreds of people squeezed onto one tiny dance floor and the only options on the drink menu involve beer? Maybe plan a more intimate gathering next year.

12. New Years Resolution

Holidays: Expectation vs Reality

More often than not, your New Year’s resolutions involve eating healthy or losing weight. You even went out and got a gym membership, picked the kind of juice cleanse you want to go on, got the right clothes and downloaded all the fitness apps and the best part- you even did all of it for whole two weeks. Then you got super lazy and tired, your body starts hurting in places you couldn’t imagine and all your grand plans are out the window. Maybe take baby steps when making a resolution, something that is achievable so you get motivated to do more once you succeed on the first step!

What are some of your expectations that were met with harsh realities?



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