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Housing for the Homeless

Spikes to keep the homeless OUT…

Anti-homeless spikes were installed into the doorway of an apartment in London in hopes of preventing homeless individuals of seeking shelter there. When images of the spikes were shared online, social media outrage took to the news. The public has compared the spikes to the ones used on ledges to prevent pigeons from perching.

After a petition was signed by 130, 00o people, the spikes were removed allowing for homeless to once again take shelter in the alcove. This apartment complex is not the first to install spikes in order to prevent homeless from taking shelter. A giant supermarket chain, Tesco, did the same thing, but later also took out their spikes after once again the public spoke out.

Housing for the Homeless

v.s. technology to help shelter the homeless

On the opposite side of the world, a Vancouver charity, Raincity Housing, does the opposite by creating pop-up shelters for the homeless. They took pre-existing bus and park benches and added a couple of details. Without modifying too much of the original bench design, the seats can still be used by daily commuters while transforming into a roof for shelter overnight.

During the day, the backboard of the bench reads “This is a bench” and absorbs the sunlights UV rays for night time use. When the sun sets, the writing on the backboard glows “This is a shelter”. Individuals can then lift up the backboard and prop it up to create a roof from the elements overnight. Some backboards even reveal an address to one of Raincity Housing’s shelters where homeless individuals can seek further shelter and support.

Housing for the Homeless


This allows for the homeless to seek shelter in specific places as opposed to in alcoves of retail buildings. The benches further direct individuals to more permanent places of shelter instead of resorting to sleeping on the streets. Hopefully London learns a thing or two from Vancouver and changes their actions for the better.

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