How a Break Up Make Up Relationship Slowly Kills You

Break Up Make Up

You know that couple who seems to think their Facebook page is a great way to tell the world they’re no longer “in a relationship” one week and then back together again the next week. It’s even worse when your best friend is the girl doing all the sympathy sympathy seeking from her Facebook friends. The vicious on again, off again relationship cycle sucks and no human being should be trapped in it so buckle up and face the reasons why it could actually be destroying you as a person.

break up make upWhat happens when your friend makes promises to you and breaks all of them? Obviously they lose your trust and their words hold no meaning. By breaking up with your ex-partner over and over again then winding up in his bed the next week, do you think he finds your words carry weight? You’ve gone back on them so many times, he brushes them off. By breaking the promises you make, not even you trust yourself anymore. Simple as that.

bumuYes, the make up sex after a super high strung argument is absolutely God-forbid mind blowing awesome. But you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it? The answer should be no, it’s really not. The only reason it feels so amazing is because he’s probably more rough than usual and you’re both trying to channel the pent up anger towards one another through bumping n’ grinding. You can’t fix wounds and trust issues with an orgasm. Ask yourself if crying into your pillow for another three days and carrying around a heavy heart is worth the five seconds of release.

bumuYou probably cry to your friends when he breaks your heart. Each time you ignore their good intentional pleas and return to your ex, they lose a little bit of respect for you. Yes, they’re your friends and they’ve offered you a shoulder form the first, second, and maybe third breakup but they’ll be frustrated beyond belief during the fourth or fifth sob story. They see how little willpower you have and they know you deserve better because they actually care about you.  Show your friends respect, show yourself respect and stop crying wolf.

bumuLike smoking, like chewing off your fingernails, like crisscrossing your legs, it becomes a bad habit that becomes really hard to break. Break up, make up, break up, make up, break up…walk away? No, your body doesn’t react like that. Don’t let your habits hurt your next relationship. If you tell the next guy, “let’s break up”, he’s going to take you seriously and vanish from your life even though you didn’t mean what you said. The good thing about habits is that they can be changed. Try hard to change up this nasty habit hurting your emotional health. You’ve got it in you.

bumuTime is precious, you don’t want to regret all those months you spent in a mental turmoil. Any activity, and I mean anything except self-loathing is better than giving your time to a little boy who toys with your emotions. Watch a movie with mum, bake cookies that end up tasting like cardboard, write in your diary, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re making an effort to forgive and forget. Yes, the forgiving part is necessary. Forgive him and yourself. Who knows, you might meet someone new along the way.

Do you have a friend who breaks up and makes up all the time?

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