How To Be A Professional Blogger: Create & Monetize (Part 1)

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Blogging. You’ve heard of it before and maybe you have a personal blogger or WordPress hidden somewhere on the internet. You probably write about what you bought on your recent Starbucks run or how cute your dog is. The use of a diary may have gone extinct, because you’ve replaced it with this virtual piece of LED paper, but it’s no where as private or reliable as you thought it was.

The age of personally blogging has transitioned into something more journalistic. The hottest professional bloggers now report on what’s trending, what’s cool and what’s fashionable. Blogs that do well are usually ones that offer vital pieces of information and ideas to a loyal group of followers. In the digital era, people are turning away from newspapers and magazines and instead getting their information from blogs instead.

Did you know hundreds of thousands of people make their living off blogging? Influential bloggers now are like internet celebrities. Large media blogs like Gawker Media and its subsidiaries have over 200 million views per month and was estimated at over $300 million in 2009 (right now they’re probably worth more than $1 billion). In terms of personal blogs, if you haven’t heard of Cupcakes and Cashmere, Pink Peonies, or Song of Style, then you’re living in the dark ages. It was reported that Pink Peonies made more or less $1 million last year alone off her blog. Damn.

Before you give up on thinking running your thoughts out on the internet isn’t as profitable as you would like it to be… take a gander at this article for more ways you can turn blogging into your career.

Step 1: Starting Up

Choose what kind of blog you want

The most important step is before you even start. Think about what kind of blog you want to start, or if you even want to start one at all. If you want to make blogging your profession, but you don’t want to set up a domain, you can work for a media company (like us at Dest Femme!) and earn a living doing corporate blogging.

If you want to make your own personal blog, revolve a theme around it. Pick something that advertisers will want. Fashion, beauty, cooking, and lifestyle are great choices for women. Think above your own life, but it would make sense if you have a fascination or strong interest towards the certain theme.

Create quality content

The content matters. Will people read and follow a blog if it’s written only for yourself? Will they stay if the articles are common sense or bring nothing new to the table? Creating quality means bringing new, useful content that they can’t find anywhere else. Big media companies will even pay for such quality content. Be sure to keep maintaining that quality throughout the rest of your blog. Create a devote following by getting them to come back again and again — the more unique views you get per day, the more you’ll make.

Create a good looking, clean layout

The layout is probably the second most important thing people will judge your blog on. Please don’t go back to the 90’s and tYpE LiKe ThIs or have flashing banners and neon pinks and greens for the font. If you set yourself up with a WordPress account, it’s very easy to purchase a ready-made theme from websites like For around $50 a theme, it’s usually pretty good to last you a while. People will stay or leave depending on what your site looks like, so pick carefully! It’s also good to have a knowledge of CSS or PHP when you’re working with WordPress, so if you’re an active learner, add those things to your “to learn” list.

Step 2: Monetize


Google AdSense

google adsense

Once you’ve set up your blog, it’s time to begin to monetize your blog. The most popular one by far by small bloggers is Google Adsense. It’s easy to set up and you get to pick which type of ads you want to run. All you have to do it put up a code on your blog, somewhere where it’s visible, and get people to see or click it! Depending on what type of service you pick, they will pick for you the best “bidding option”. It will depend on the number of views you get, how influential you are, and how target-able your content is.


Join An Affiliate Program

affiliate network clickbank

What you’re doing: Promoting a specific product or brand for a company on your website. All you have to do it include a link and get your readers to click on that and buy something from there. You can Google Affiliate Programs for more information, but some examples of supposedly good ones include Clickbank and Copyblogger. Be careful which affiliate program you chose though, because some have been blacklisted on not paying out or supposedly not counting for certain purchases. There are thousands of programs out there, pick one for your specific site — pick something your readers will actually buy. It’s like you’re partnering with a brand.


Join An Online Advertising Network

media ad network

Online Advertising Networks work somewhat like Google Adwords, except they’re sometimes more selective and payout differently depending on which ad network you go with. They pay you usually along the rates of CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) or CPC (cost per click). Some examples include Media Nexus and Chitika. Some ad networks allow you to only work with solely them, so be careful on deciding which one to go along with.

Tell us…

How was your experience with blogging? Are you going to start a career in it?

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