How to Be Passive Aggressive

how to be passive aggressive

how to be passive aggressive

Do you find yourself feeling angry but are too much of a good person to say so outright? You don’t want to make things awkward but want people to change?  Well then, you need to learn how to be passive aggressive!

Not. Passive aggressive people are the worst. It’s an outlet for the people who are too chicken to say what they really mean, and be underhanded about it. Though not overtly so. Being on the receiving end of passive aggression is just really uncomfortable and awkward. Here are some ways people can be passive aggressive. If you spot any of these patterns with yourself, change it!

1. Threaten with a smile

If you need people to stop doing something, like talking loudly in the library, smile at them while saying, “The librarian is coming! She doesn’t look too happy.” When you turn away, immediately scowl.

This method works for texting too. End your questionable texts with a smiley face. “You should wash your dishes when you have time. They’re kind of piling up :)”

2. Disguise criticism as compliments

“Oh, your outfit today! Looking for catcalls, huh?” – and then leave.

If you ever want to say something nasty but it just wouldn’t fit your nice person character, say it in a compliment. With a smile. Be sarcastic but subtle. Then when the other person will get the idea of your sentence, but without knowing for sure that was your meaning.

Maybe next time they’ll dress more appropriately for life, right?

3. Never refuse a favour but always complain about it

Sometimes lazy people will ask you to do stuff for them. And sometimes it’s hard to say no. So accept it, and then complain about it a lot. Talk about how you don’t really have that much time, but it’s ok it’s ok. You wanted to leave work on time for once, but it’s ok it’s ok. You’re probably not the best person for the job, but it’s ok it’s ok.

Hopefully, they’ll get the message and make someone else do it in the end.

4. Stop talking when you’re angry

If you’re mad at someone, just don’t talk to them. Don’t start any conversation, but always respond. If they ask you something, reply with a one word answer, or the shortest response you can get away with. If your reply doesn’t answer their question, even better.

And if you can get away with ignoring them, seeming like you didn’t hear, do it.

5. Never admit anything’s wrong

Actions speak louder than words, right? If anyone asks if you’re ok, never say no. Always say yes. But then, act as if it were the opposite. If you’re upset because someone asked for a potato chip, and you were forced to say yes, pout all day about it. Sigh loudly.

6. Leave notes around

A key element of being passive aggressive is to never directly say what you want to say. But you can write it. Leave notes around where your target hangs out or is sure to see it. For example, if seeing dishes in the sink always frustrates you, a good way to get back at your roommate is to leave a note saying, “I wish someone would do the dishes.”

how to be passive aggressive

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