How To Deal With Falling for Your Friend

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Sigh. I fell in love with my best friend…

Tips on “How to Deal with Falling For Your Friend”

If you like someone, you should definitely tell them how you feel. This is obviously easier said than done but doable. However, it can be tricky especially when this person has been a long time friend. It can be especially difficult if this person happens to have the same group of friends and you hang out together every weekend. Here are tips on how to deal with falling for your friend to keep in mind.

1. Think it through.

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Don’t act on impulse. Do you actually like this person as more than a friend or are there external forces at work? Are you stressed at work? Are you going through something? Have you been drinking? Are you just bored?

2. Is the reward worth the risk?

Risk and Reward
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If you have the same circle of friends, will they care? Will it be awkward for them? What if he doesn’t feel the same way or he does but then you break up? Is risking your friendship for a relationship really worth the drama that might unfold?

3. Talk to your friend.

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If you really are good friends, you should be able to have this conversation. Explain to them that your feelings have changed towards them. If they agree, great. If not, brush it off and move on. You may think you guys would make the perfect couple but he doesn’t feel the same way and relationships are meant to work both ways.

4. Take some time for yourself.

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If you tell him how you feel and he doesn’t reciprocate, it might be best to take some time for yourself. Take a trip, explore the city or have a girls night out. It is natural to want to curl up in a ball after being rejected but don’t spend every second of your day feeling sorry for yourself. You are awesome.

5. Don’t be awkward.

If confessing your love for your friend didn’t go as planned, be okay with it. Take some time to regain your confidence but remember that you were friends for a reason. Don’t cut him out of your life because he rejected you. You never know, maybe he will change his mind and start to develop feelings for you. Life is all about timing.

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