How To Have A Fun Dry Wedding


WTF,  what’s a dry wedding?!

I’m assuming that’s why most of you are here, to figure out what on earth a dry wedding is. Is it wedding term slang for no getting rained on on your wedding day? It it a wedding that takes place in the desert?  I mean that sounds pretty dry…

But no, it’s none of the above. It’s when there is no alcohol being served at the wedding. That means no open bar, cash bar or complimentary wine with your meal. No booze. Nothing, zilch,  nada! Now you might be scratching your heads and asking, “Do people actually have dry weddings?” Well, yes my friends they do. Although it seems customary to have alcohol at a wedding, there are a number of reasons why couples would opt for a dry wedding.

  1. For religious reasons.
  2. Alcohol costs a ton of money, especially in unlimited quantities.  Having a dry wedding is a huge money saver, especially for couples who are on a tight budget.
  3. You know your guests. And by know, we mean you know your guests will turn this classy elegant affair to a potentially ratchet jersey shore-esque nightclub. Or you know some of your guests are heavy drinkers and don’t behave very well when there’s alcohol around.

Whatever your reasons are for have a dry wedding, that’s your business. You shouldn’t feel bad for doing what you want on your special day. And although your guests might not appreciate the closed bar, doesn’t mean weddings can’t still be a good time.

Here’s are five ways on how to have a fun dry wedding:

Mocktails, mocktails, mocktails.


Just because you won’t be having alcohol at your wedding, doesn’t mean your drink selection has to be bland and boring.  Turn popular cocktails choices into delicious virgin mocktails. And while you’re at it, serve up signature mocktail that everyone can enjoy throughout the wedding party. Serve them up in adorable mason jars or cocktail glasses of your choice and remember to include colourful and edible garnishes on the side.

Set up an alternative bar.

No booze? No problem! Set-up an alternative bar. How about a coffee bar with delicious blends of coffee, espressos and lattes? Or even better, a late night milkshake bar! If you want a bar of the more edible variety, set up a fondue bar with a chocolate fountain and a variety of food choices to dunk in it. Or for the couple with a sweet tooth, celebrate your inner child with a candy bar with chocolates and sweets your guests can take home after the party.

Delicious menu.dry3

A wedding without booze we can live with, but a wedding without food?! No way! So have a varied food menu that’s served up to your guests’ tables or a family-style buffet at your reception. Finger foods are always popular around “mocktail hour” and with the extra bucks you’ll be saving, have a late night food station of your choice.

Provide entertainment.

Keep your guests entertained and they’ll completely forget about the closed bar. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, set up game stations for your guests to play. For the reception, wow your guests with a choreographed dance or consider getting some musicians in to serenade the reception hall at dinner time. Another crowd pleaser and wedding favourite is getting in a photobooth for your guests so they can have funny, laugh-out-loud souvenirs of your wedding. But if all you want to do is get a sober crowd up and dancing, ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to help get the party started and persuade people onto the dance floor.

Consider having a morning, brunch or weeknight wedding.


Consider having your wedding at a time where alcohol won’t be missed…that much. Perhaps a sunrise or brunch wedding where guests would prefer a delicious fruit punch than a bellini. Or consider having your wedding on a weeknight. Most of your guests will have to go to work in the morning anyways, so they won’t feel so enticed to have alcohol on your wedding day.

Tell us:

Would you ever consider having a dry wedding? Have you ever attended one?



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