How To Have A Great Time Spending NYE By Yourself

How to have a great time spending NYE by yourself

While glitz and glam, champagne and parties might be the New Year’s norm, you might just be feeling a quiet night in. Or you weren’t invited to anything. Or you’re newly single. Or you don’t really have friends. In any case, there’s no shame in spending NYE by yourself. At all.

This is how to have the best relaxing NYE party for one.

It all starts with wine.

How to have a great time spending NYE by yourself


It’s New Years Eve after all. Just because you’re spending nye by yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge. Having a glass is the key to starting your night relaxed and in a feel good mood! And you can’t deny, just holding a glass of wine feels pretty lux.


Go all out and pamper yourself.

Run that bath. Bubbles. It’s time. Throw in a bath bomb while you’re at it, and if you have them, bath melts and salts too. Light some candles, and don’t forget your glass of wine. What better to do in prep for a NYE by yourself than to give yourself a little at home spa time? Take some time to use a facial mask too and really treat your skin. Whatever skin care products you have, use them.How to have a great time spending NYE by yourself

After you’re done your pamper, you’ll be feeling fresh, clean, and beautiful.

Movie marathon. ’nuff said.

Let’s be real, watching a movie by yourself and watching it with other people is the exact same experience. Except when you’re at home, you can wear whatever you want (your bath robe, for example) and lounge in whichever way you feel most comfortable in. If splayed out on the couch is your thing, go for it — there’s no one there to watch. That’s what NYE by yourself is all about.

Gather all your favourite on demand, rental, downloaded, and borrowed movies and keep yourself up till the new year!

Prepare finger foods and snacks.

Food is a must. Mindless snacking is the key to enjoying your movie marathon. Some good NYE choices are mini desserts like macarons, mini tarts, mini brownies. Chocolate. When they’re mini, they’re cuter and more festive. And the best part about all this is that you don’t have to share at all when you’re doing NYE by yourself.

How to have a great time spending NYE by yourself

You might want to stay away from chips though. They’re not as glamourous. And be sure to include some fruits too, like chocolate covered strawberries or berries. If you eat some salad stuff, it negates the chocolate (#galscience).

Solo dance party.

How to have a great time spending NYE by yourselfSet your radio to switch on exactly at 12am, so you know when it’s time to turn down for what. Also, so that you’re not jumping around in new year excitement in silence.

Now it’s time to shake it off. Shake off the previous year and bring in the new year!

Text your friends and family!

Even if you’re spending NYE by yourself, it doesn’t mean that you’re a loner! Text the people you care about and wish them a happy new year. Spread your solo New Year’s joy with all who haven’t been able to indulge in that experience.

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