How to Hint to Your Friend You Don’t Like Like Him

How to Hint to your friend you don't like like him

There’s a great debate over this: Can guys and girls really be friends? Because it seems like so often when a guy and a girl become close friends, one or the other (or both) starts to fall for the other. So what happens when you start to think that your guy friend is developing a crush on you? And you like him as a friend, but you don’t like like him. It makes things awkward because since he hasn’t said anything explicit yet, you can’t really reject him.

Last week we gave you tips on how to hint to your crush you like him, but here’s how to hint to your friend that you don’t like like him.

1. Respond to texts dryly (and late)

How to Hint to your friend you don't like like him


One of the first signs that he’s somehow starting to like like you is when he starts messaging you out of the blue without really having anything to say. A lot. Just for the sake of talking to you.

You are permitted to ignore these texts. End the conversation whenever you see a text where you don’t have to reply. Or when you do reply, reply bare bones without unnecessary emoticons or words. So it’s not as if you’re texting all day continuing a texting conversation (like, say, a couple would).

2. Don’t hang out one-on-one so much

Or if you must (due to lack of mutual friends), avoid dinner. It can seem a bit “date”-like. If he asks you out ambiguously, don’t be afraid to say no. That’s a big hint. If he asks, “Let’s go watch [insert movie name here] tomorrow!” you can respond with, “Who else is going?” Then he’ll scramble to find other people. Meaning you can watch the movie and hang with him, and he’ll get that you don’t want to be alone together.

3. Gush over your celebrity crushes

Don’t have one? Make one up (or get one: I recommend Liam Hemsworth). Gush about them and talk about how he’s stolen your heart. Make a distinction between how you act with him and how you act when thinking about someone you like like. This lets him realize for himself that you’re probably not into him that way.

How to Hint to your friend you don't like like him

4. Subtly change how close you act around him

This is a pretty blanket statement, but it basically means that if he likes you, it’s because of the way you two interact. This means that even if you really love watching movies together every week, or that you enjoy talking to him through text a lot, that’s going to have to change.

Inside jokes? You might want to reduce the time you spend giggling together in your own world, so you don’t seem exclusive or something. If you usually touch him, like playfully hit him or hang on his arm, while you may think it’s harmless, he thinks it’s like like. So you’ll want to minimize the touching too.

5. Shut him down if he says anything suggestive

How to Hint to your friend you don't like like him

“Ew” is a good response. Also, if he touches you, “cooties!” is a good way to break the tension when you pull away. It’s playful enough that it doesn’t hurt him or make things awkward, but gets your message across.

If he says something like, “I think your dress looks really good on you,” you can pretend to choke from being overwhelmed by the grossness of the statement. You’re telling him that anything even a little suggestive of something a boyfriend would say is weird for you two.

6. Stop relying on him for “masculine” jobs

Just made a trip to IKEA and need to build your furniture? Guess who you’re not calling to help — the friend who like likes you. Not tall enough to reach something? Turn to another friend, not him. You don’t want to promote the girl-guy dynamic between you two. To keep your friendship platonic, you’ll want to keep your gender roles to a minimum.

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  1. This is hard for me. I never realized he was hinting he liked me till my friend pointed it out. I tried hinting I didn’t like him once and I’ve still been trying to do that more. Our friendship is rlly strong and I can’t lose that so I’ll try these methods. I just wanted to vent on here sorry I’m writing a novel. Lol bye ; )


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