How to Keep Your Brow Game Strong

How to Keep Your Brow Game Strong

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t trust a girl with bad eyebrows.” It’s true. If she’s not looking after her brows, she’s not looking out for you. The best thing a girl can do to complete her look is have a strong set of brows. Look at Cara Delavigne, Lily Collins, and Audrey Hepburn. Besides the fact that they’re hot and iconic, their brow game is forever strong. Follow this tutorial below to find out how you can get the perfect brows.

How to Keep Your Brow Game Strong

1. Take a straight edge and hold it vertically from the approximate centre of your nostril.¬†Make a small mark where the pencil hits the start of your eyebrows. If you find that the centre of the nostril isn’t okay for you, use the end. Next, to find your arch, hold the pencil near the outermost part of your iris or pupil (depends on face shape). Make a mark at that point. Lastly, angle the pencil from the corner of your eye to the edge of your nostril. Mark this point, it will be the end of your brow. At this point, if you had stray hairs, pluck them.

2. Using the spooli, brush hairs upward and trim any long hairs.

3. Grab a brow pencil or cream brow liner and line underneath the brow. If your brows are thin, go for a natural thickness which is about 1-2cm. Next trace the top all the way to the end.

4. Using a brow liner brush, dip the brush in the product you are using. Use the straight edge to create soft lines and fill in your brows. Use the flatter part of the brush to fill in the start of your brows so it looks more natural. Don’t go too dark near the start unless you want a truly dramatic look. Fill in your brows more toward the arch and the end.

5. Grab your spooli and brush through brows once finished to make it look more uniform and to erase harsh lines. Finish with a brow gel so that it blends. Use a highlighter to highlight the brow bone so they stand out more.

Last minute tips…

Cream or Powder?
Powder is good because it sticks onto the hairs. It also provides a softer, more natural look.
Cream is good for those with sparser brows. Cream sticks to your skin and provides you with a stronger look.
When choosing a colour follow this rule:
Dark hair – go 2-3 shades lighter. Light hair – go 2-3 shades darker. Stick to your warm or cool undertones.
Remember, it’s okay if your brows are not identical. Your face is not symmetrical, so your brows can look like sisters, but not like friends.

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