How to Liven Up Your Morning Routine

Mornings are the not the most enjoyable part of the day. It always seems a mission to wake up, get up, and then not fall back asleep again. Here are some clever elements to add into your routine to brighten up your mornings and start your day off right!

1. Eat carbs for breakfast

How to Liven Up Your Morning Routine 

You can never have enough excuses to eat more carbs, but here’s a good one. When you wake up in the morning, your blood sugar levels are low from a night of fasting. This is why it’s really important to consume wholesome, complex carbs in the morning, like oatmeal and whole wheat bread. Add some eggs and fruit, and you’ve got a complete breakfast. You may be conditioned to avoid carbs, but they are absolutely beneficial for breakfast-time.

2. Do a morning stretch!

How to Liven Up Your Morning Routine

Radio calisthenics are morning exercises popular in Japan, and is one of the secrets to their long life expectancies. They’re broadcasted on the radio early in the morning and are three to fifteen minutes of low impact stretching-based exercises. When you wake up, your muscles are stiff from lack of use, and these stretches are a super easy way to loosen them up again. Stretching allows you to get your blood circulating and wakes you up more effectively.

For those of us on the other side of the ocean, you can just as easily search up videos on YouTube of these simple Japanese exercises, and enjoy the simple melody and enthusiastic voice guiding you along.

3. Laugh in the mirror

How to Liven Up Your Morning Routine

Start your day off with a smile, or better yet, a laugh. As you groggily step into your washroom right after you wake, face your mirror and let out a laugh. And, let’s be real, it won’t be hard, seeing the shrunken eyes and bloated face staring back at you! Besides humouring yourself, laughing in the morning will loosen up your facial muscles and get rid of the stiff, expressionless face we all have when we wake up. In addition, the physical act of laughing will signal to your brain that you are happy. So you will genuinely start your day feeling happy!

4. Drink a glass of cold water

How to Liven Up Your Morning Routine

Right when you wake up, it’s a good idea to down a glass of cold water. While you sleep, your body naturally expels water through breathing and sweating. So waking up with water will replenish your body and fuel your brain. Having that cold water also will jump start your metabolism as your body works to warm the liquid to body temperature. For some extra goodness, add a slice of lemon for a fresh taste and a detoxifying kick.

5. Take a break

How to Liven Up Your Morning Routine

For too many of us, mornings are all about rushing and rushing and rushing. However, as important as it is to be wherever you need to be, it’s also important to take that break from your high-stress mad-dash. Take advantage of the soft morning sunshine and step outside to enjoy your coffee, or take a moment to just reflect and meditate. Having this down time to do nothing will give you the relaxing start you need to enjoy your day.

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  1. drinking a glass of cold water is a great idea!I try to liven up my morning by listening to some music, it gets you into the mood of whatever tasks lie ahead that day!

    • Hi Debbie! Caffeine is always great, but these will definitely help too! 🙂 Let us know how it goes.


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