How to Spruce Up Your Dorm Room On a Budget

Ok, congrats are in order. You’re out of the house and now you’ll be moving into a cramped brick walled nook. No parents, no fussy little sister, and no bedtime. Even though it’s dingy, it’s still your haven for the school year. Here are some ways to make it livable and very very awesome.

1. Hang stuff up

Dorm room

Find pictures, posters, paintings, or any images you like and hang them up. Pop them into a frame from the dollar store and create a picture wall people would be envious of. The best part is you can update it as the year goes by to capture all the crazy things you’ll experience. New friends, new groups, and new socials. I’m jealous.

2. Add more pretty things

dorm room

You’re on a budget, there’s no way to afford fresh flowers each time the old ones die. Get fake ones from the dollar store and brighten up your room. Use any old jam jar and fill them up pebbles to anchor the flowers. Voila, instant colour and vibrance in your not so dreary room.

3. Get a rug

Dorm Room

The floor in your room is probably an ugly grey carpet that should have never seen daylight. Cover it up by purchasing a crazy rug. Don’t it make it too outrageous or your eyes will kill. If you are going to invest, invest in a good rug that your feet will thank.

4. Not your typical bean bag

Dorm Room

I don’t understand the obsession with bean bag chairs. They look insanely wrinkly and take up a lot of space which your dorm room can’t cough more up of. Instead, grab yourself an oversized cushion and prop it against the bed for a comfortable spot on the ground. Floor pillows rock.

5. Blind them

Dorm Room

Alright, don’t actually blind them with your lights but do have them. No one is going to make fun of you for having night lights in your dorm, they’ll be in awe when the sun goes down and your room is lit up. Grab them at Ikea, every students’ go to place, and have a great night’s sleep.

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