How To Start Off Your Year With Positivity

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How many years running have you made decision to change your body/get in shape/lose weight/all of the above? New Year’s has a lovely hidden motivating factor that so many of us like to observe.

“My New Year’s resolution is to….”

…I remember as far back as elementary classrooms and my teacher’s having all of us write resolutions down after returning from the holiday break. I’m sure when I was in grade 2 I wasn’t all that concerned about my body shape, however; the act of creating resolutions were being ingrained in all of us come January 1st. The problem I see with a “New Year’s Resolution” is simply the way we like to word them. “I will not do this, eat this, drink that, miss this, etc”. A resolution tends to be a firm decision not to continue doing something you may have already been doing. In order to clearly set yourself up for success, no matter what the end goal is, turn this into a positive statement, rather then a negative one. If anyone is vaguely familiar with a little book called “The Secret” you will know what I am referring to. If you haven’t been introduced to this book, have a quick glance, I assure you, you will find something in there that speaks to you in this book! (You can even find it on YouTube!)

No Resolution

Start by writing your goals down in a positive manner. Rather then telling yourself you are not going to eat donuts for breakfast; tell yourself you will prepare yourself a healthy meal to start your day off properly. Changing the way you go about things can assure that you begin in the proper manner and on the right foot.

The point of setting goals for yourself is not to commit to failure before you have even begun. If making changes to your lifestyle is something that has been challenging for you, start off small. Be very, very realistic about what you want to achieve. You know what you are minimally capable of and what is possible for you. Begin here and build onto this rather then aiming too high from the start. If you know yourself and you wont go to the gym 6 times a week, commit to at least twice as a compromise to yourself. If you begin with realistic goals, you are more likely to reach them, achieve them and set new ones. Who says you cannot set monthly, weekly or even daily goals for yourself? Resolutions tend to be something you say you are not going to do for the rest of the year, so why not set 2015 goals for each month, or for each week for that matter. Be true to what you can do.

There is a statistic out there that says that most people will drop their resolution by January 5th, that’s 5 days into the year. 5 days out of 365 is not a good way to begin with a new goal! After setting a realistic goal, give yourself allowances. If working towards something like having a cheat day helps you to reach your goal, do it! Create a plan that works for you and only you. Things like only eating carbs on the weekends (fruit included), a cheat meal, cheat day, grains or starch every other day, the list can go on and on. The point is, there are a million and one options that can help you reach your goal without starving/depriving yourself.

No Resolution

My advice to begin your year on the right foot is to first off, grab a piece of paper. Write down 3 things you love about you and 3 positive things you have already done in the past year to better your health. On this same piece of paper, write one goal you have for January (phrased in a positive manner) and a plan on how you’re going to achieve this. Only use positive wording, (I will, I am going to, etc.) and revisit your goal again in February. If the plan you mapped out didn’t work for January adjust accordingly for February!

No Resolution

Step by step, month-by-month you will make 2015 an amazing year! Let’s do this!

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