How to Stay in Shape When Life Gets Hectic

This time of the year gets craaaaazy. Students are scrambling back to school, parents are picking up after their adjusting offspring while putting in their 9 to 5, and everyone runs out of time for a little butt burn. Not only does exercise increase productivity in other areas of your life, it helps keeps depression at bay and you feeling your best. Here are a few ways to stay on top of schedules and stay in shape. No excuses!

Stay in Shape

1. Personally, if I’m waiting at the bus stop, I try to do some knee lifts. You might get a few weird glances and if you don’t want to the be that girl, there are other ways to work your abs very subtly. Clench and release your abdominals and alternate to clenching and releasing the butt cheeks at your desk, this is a trick Miranda Kerr practices while commuting on a first class flight.

Stay in Shape

2. This one might be super obvious but you’d be amazed at what a difference it makes if you create an allotted time frame for your work out. Whether it’s a stroll during your lunch break or a morning stretch and run, write it down and have it staring in your face. Don’t say no to the planner, it keeps your life in order.

Stay in Shape

3. I know after a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is go out with your girlfriends but if they’re planning to dance the night away, join them. Not only will it be a great work out, you’ll get to blow off steam to keep you happy for days to come.

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4. Your ball of energy pup is the perfect way to keep the endorphins pumping. Take over walking duty and have a brisk 20 minute cardio routine either in the morning or at night. You’ve always felt bad you couldn’t spend more time with Spot, so here’s the chance!


How do you like to stay in tip top shape?



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