How To Walk Home Alone Without Getting Mugged

How to Walk Home Alone Without Getting Mugged

Living in a city is fun. But at night time, when you’re walking home alone late at night, it’s not so fun, especially as a girl. In fact, it can be pretty darn scary. When you’re alone, somehow you see weirdos and criminals everywhere. The following tips are meant to psych you up so that you’re not scared all the time when you are forced to walk home alone.

Get into a tough guy state of mind

How to Walk Home Alone Without Getting Mugged

Be a tough guy. You are a tough guy. You’re the toughest person on the streets and everyone is too intimidated by your toughness to even think to bother you. While you may just be returning home alone, they don’t know that. You could be meeting up with your underground mafia for all they can see. When you get into this state of mind, this is the person you become. If you think it, you’ll exude it. You’ll start to walk larger, heavier, tougher. And don’t smile.

Eat something

How to Walk Home Alone Without Getting Mugged

Another excuse to eat, yes please! Apparently, eating makes you look more confident and comfortable. Evil people will target those that look weak and frail. When you’re eating, you’re basically owning the streets. These are your streets and you’re not on the guard for weirdos popping out around the corner like some sissy. Your focussing on your food.

Pick your nose/armpit

How to Walk Home Alone Without Getting Mugged

Be as gross as you can. Nobody’s going to cat call someone scratching at their armpit. I mean, that’s not attractive. So exaggerate your movements and really get into that pit. You may feel disgusting and embarrassed, but anything is better than being mugged (or worse), right? And it’s not like you’re really going to see anyone there again when you’re going home alone. Remember, safety first!

Pretend to be psycho

How to Walk Home Alone Without Getting Mugged

When walking home alone, one of the most effective ways to ward off strangers is to pretend to be psycho. No one wants to bother someone who’s crazier than themselves. If someone shady approaches you, give them your best joker smile. Cackle a bit. When walking in a creepy street, feel free to move around like you think a crazy person would — punching the ground, skipping, anything that you would ordinarily never ever do. Careful of appearing drunk though.

Talk loudly on the phone

How to Walk Home Alone Without Getting Mugged

Preferably to a boyfriend or a big brother. If it’s too late at night to decently call anyone, just pretend to. Talk about how you’re super excited to see them soon and how he shouldn’t be getting into fights all the time. Bonus marks if you can throw in a line about being too “over protective” or “jealous”. Make it so that it seems that if someone approaches you while on the way home alone, the person on the other line is going to be an obstacle.

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