How to Always Attract the Wrong Type of Guys

AlwaysAttractWrongGuysWhile looking for the one, we’re surrounded by a lot of “not-the-ones.”

Talk about plenty of fish in the sea.

So why not spend time with the wrong type of guys.

Who doesn’t want to experience a YA or romance story come to life (like Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey) starring you and your dark and mysterious lover? It’ll never be a dull moment with this on-and-off-but-mostly-off-kilter-relationship-slash-dating-ship.

While people remind us to be ourselves, never settle, and one day Prince Charming will sweep us off our feet,  who really has time for patience?

With these foolproof tips, you’ll always attract the wrong type of guys like a piece of cake.

Be Shallow

You see him across the bar and you can’t help but feel that physical pull towards him. Who cares if talking to him is like wallpaper or if he disregards your emotions or if he’s cold? He’s hot. Physically he checks off every single item on your “I Want” list.

He may not have similar interests or anything else really going for him, and he may be one of the worst conversationalists out there, but if he looks like Adonis why pass up on that opportunity?

You’ll always attract the wrong type of guys if you base your criteria on looks and looks alone. Nothing wrong with a little arm candy to make you feel better.

Loving Couple Using Mobile Phone At BenchGive him your number

Even if you’re not that into him, or he’s not exactly hubby-material, you give him that opening.

Drop him a line, send him your number, and generally insinuate “yeah, you should text me, call me, beep me if you want to reach me.”

There’s nothing wrong with adding yourself to his list of contacts in hopes he’ll message you one time, during daylight hours.

Think you can change him

You’re attracted to the tall, dark, handsome and brooding type. (Why else would books like Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey exist?) It’s one reason we’re so intrigued by the mystery we want to solve.

Does he tend to sleep around? It’s OK, one day he’ll realize what he’ll lose if he hurts you. Does he think the things you care about are trivial? It’s OK, one day he’ll realize how amazing you are and what you love. Does he not communicate and try to fix your problems? It’s OK, one day he’ll magically solve his own issues which will result in your happily ever after.


Only focus on the physical

And the best way to always attract the wrong type of guys is to give into your urges right from the get go. Got great sexual chemistry? Why wait until the third date or even a first date at all? Go ahead and burn those sheets with that heat between the both of you.

And hey, if there’s nothing more to it past doing a horizontal tango, it’s OK. At least you’re at least satisfied (hopefully, anyway) in one part of your life.

Like what he likes

If you have no idea what a touchdown is or why everyone freaked out when Manning started a round with a safety, that’s OK. Put on that football or hockey or baseball jersey and sit along side him with his buds as they drink beer and eat wings.

Do you hate his taste in heavy metal or EDM? Fake it until you like it, he’ll be excited to take you out to those concerts for dates. And if you have no idea about anything in relation to what he likes, say hello to the power of Google.

dresstoimpressWear what they want you to wear

So maybe you’re not comfortable in that lacy lingerie set you bought on a whim, or that shirt just makes you feel slightly uncomfortable or you hate, hate, hate that purple shirt, but hey he seems to enjoy it.

It’s no longer about looking how you want to, it’s about dressing to impress. So say bye-bye to comfort and say hello to your new wardrobe worn specifically for your new boo. And if he doesn’t seem to notice what you’re wearing or how great you look (despite how you may feel), work harder to catch his eye.

Lower your standards and settle for less

He probably doesn’t even fulfill half of your requirements for an ideal guy – whether on an emotional, physical, or mental level – but he fits one or two so that’s basically enough. It’s OK that he’s not perfect, but he’s decent and there’s an attraction level there, so that’s good enough for you.

You may hate liars or unambitious men, but you’ll take what you can get. If that means lowering the bar just a little, so that maybe just maybe someone will actually come along, and maybe just maybe you won’t wait forever for your shining knight, then lower away.

And if he tends to make you more upset than he does happy, well that’s when you know for sure you’ve attracted a wrong one.

Tell us…

What guys do you attract? What do you do to avoid the wrong ones?

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