The Hunger Games: New Mockingjay Teaser

The Hunger Games: New Mockingjay Teaser

If you’re a fan of the Hunger Games trilogy, then you’ll be happy to know that Capitol TV has released a new public service announcement (PSA) with a very important message. Psych! It’s just a new sneak peak trailer for the promotional campaign of the upcoming movie release of the second movie in the trilogy.

The second trailer is set in the same chilly white and sterile room as the first one. With Panem’s Peacekeepers standing alert, President Snow can be seen attempting to raise everyone’s moral regarding the country’s stability while Peeta and Johanna stand off to either of his sides.  The President claims that despite the controversial events that have been taking place, the Capitol and Districts will remain united in solidarity. But what is that, oh, did we see Peeta slightly shake his head at 0:20 seconds? Also, why is Johanna’s hair blonde? What has the Capitol done to them, are they brain washed? You’ll either have to read the book or watch the movie to find out! We won’t be the ones to spoil the plot for you!


Also can we say how ingenious it was to have District 13’s hacker, Beetee, break through the transmission with such a cryptic message? “The Mockingjay lives.” Was this message supposed to be sent directly to President Snow, or to all of the supporters of the revolution? Why wasn’t Katniss herself in the transmission, are they trying to hide her from the President? With so many questions, this trailer is already making us anxious to see the movie. For the moment we’ll just have to wait since the movie won’t be released till November 21. However, some of us have already read the books so we know how the story unfolds.

Are you guys excited to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay as well? Did you have the same questions as us after seeing the new trailer? We want to know if you guys have any other questions after watching that trailer and whether or not it was similar to your vision if and when you read the book!

The Hunger Games: New Mockingjay Teaser

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