IKEA Instructions for Your Everyday Life

IKEA Instructions for Your Everyday Life

A picture is worth a thousand words right? Maybe that’s why IKEA decides to print all of their instruction manuals as diagrams as opposed to text. Probably to save them the time of typing out phrases and also because, well it’s IKEA. That’s just how they do.

But as most of you know, not all of their diagrams are always the easiest to understand. If you’re more of a visual learner then these IKEA-esque life diagrams drawn by UK-based artist, James Chapman, may just come in handy for you! Here are a handy set of flashcards to help you in everday situations if you’re ever stuck:

1. When you’re at 1 bar and using E.

Don’t kill yourself trying to find a signal. Toss that piece of garbage away and upgrade to the newest Google microchip that implants into your scalp (jk it doesn’t exist – yet). Then your device will always be at the highest point. IKEA cares very much about your well-being, otherwise how would you guy back and buy more furniture to build?

IKEA Instructions for Your Everyday Life2. Effectively use your phone as a way out.

If you plan on risking your life for your phone, you might as well use all of the benefits that come with it. Make sure to have your friends on standby whenever you’re on a blind date so that you can exit if it goes south. Or you know, you could always pretend that you’ve got some furniture to build.

IKEA Instructions for Your Everyday Life3. Offer up your seat.

If there’s one spot left on the train/bus/whatever public transit you take, make sure to offer it to those who need it more than you do! There will always be another one available quite soon.

IKEA Instructions for Your Everyday Life4. Mind your personal boundaries.

When you do finally secure a seat to yourself, do mind your personal boundaries. Nobody wants your drool all over their shoulder as you fall asleep on them. 7 hour coach bus tour? Heck no!

IKEA Instructions for Your Everyday Life5. Be careful.

Just because you finally have a seat doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. Especially at the movie theatres. People get comfy and become at home in their seats, so make sure to mind for knees, feet and even heads when you’re exiting to go to the bathroom.

IKEA Instructions for Your Everyday Life6. And once you make it to the washroom…

Personal boundaries once again. IKEA’s got you (mystery guy on the left).

IKEA Instructions for Your Everyday Life7. Workplace romance.

IKEA knows to keep it professional. Don’t try to romance your boss. Shaking hands should be the only physical contact that you’ll ever experience.

IKEA Instructions for Your Everyday Life

8. Warranty terms and conditions.

If you use your furniture appropriately, they won’t break. And And if you’re ever unsure as to how to approach a bed situation, feel free to call IKEA’s toll-free hotline for advice!

IKEA Instructions for Your Everyday Life[quote_center]What other life instructions should IKEA illustrate for us?[/quote_center]

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