How to Impress on Your First Date

First Date You’re finally going on that date. The one that makes you so nervous, you almost don’t want to go because you’re completely scared of what he’ll think of you. Stop imagining the ways you’ll embarrass yourself because no matter the time and age, the art of dating has remained unchanged and you can master it. There’s a big difference between the Casanovas who can impress the stockings off their companions and the Toms who can only continue to chase. Follow these golden rules and you won’t have to worry about how to impress your date.

1. Nails done, hair done, everything done…on time!

First Date Whatever you need to do to make yourself gawgeous, please plan in advance so he’s not waiting 20 minutes in the car or the coffee shop while you curl your lashes. It’s your first impression and tardiness is never attractive. Impress your date by showing up either right on time or being only one or two minutes late.

2. Eye contact

First Date Nothing says “I’m interested in you” more than sharing eye contact. People say they’re the windows to your soul so look on lady! He’ll know you’re being sincere when you ask about his childhood if you’re looking him in the eye and not at the spec of dirt behind him. Eye contact is sexy.

3. Be you

First Date Don’t feel the need to laugh at all his jokes if they aren’t funny or think they’re lame. If you’re forcing yourself to pay attention to him, something’s amiss. Dates should be fun and enjoyable, it shouldn’t feel like an interview or hard work. Take that too tight dress off, those teetering heels, and let your personality shine through to know whether or not he can complement you.

4. Know what you want

First Date Guys like a girl who’s confident in her decisions. If you take 30 minutes to decide what to eat, not only will it embarrass him but also make him question your indecisiveness. Don’t be crazy picky unless you have killer allergies and be ok with trying something new. Know what you want even if it means going online and studying the menu first, go do it!

5. Pull out the wallet

First Date Don’t automatically assume he’s paying unless he’s blatantly said so. If you have invited him on a date, you should make the effort to treat him or at least pitch for the bill. Please do not sit there and wait for him to foot the bill when it arrives, at least attempt to pull out your wallet. This is one of the biggest turn offs that guys find on a date because although they know they’ll be paying for the first date, it’s not polite to take it for granted.

6. Keep the pants on

First Date This one can get tricky. If you have the urge to rip his shirt off and get freaky, you might want to put a rain check on that impulse. Rule of thumb is to not give in to temptation on the first date if you want to have a serious relationship later on but there are cases where putting out didn’t effect the long term run. Use your best gut instincts always but if you’re not sure, keep your pants on. At the end of the date, it doesn’t matter if you snorted out a noodle because he’s probably even more nervous than you and made his own blunders. If the chemistry is there and you’ve both laughed off each other’s nerves then look forward to that second date. Remember to have fun!

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