How To: In-Season Produce

In-Season Produce

Oh, the joys of food. Ever wonder why at certain times of year you can get bananas for $0.50 a bundle? It’s because you bought it while it was in-season! In-season foods are produce that grows the best within their optimal season. So that means local farmers are able to produce more and higher quality produce to send off to super markets and farmers markets. As a consumer, this means that you can take advantage of the benefits of in-season foods. On the Ontario Food Guide website, it goes into more detail of what we can expect in Ontario for fresh produce. Here is a quick guide of what foods you should eat in every season.

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Benefits of In-Season Eating

By eating seasonal not only can you get the best produce but you can save money. By buying in-season, you take advantage of fruits and vegetables that were over produced. This means that you get lots of quality produce for better quality. You can make amazing, nutritional meals all at a lower cost. This is a win-win situation for everyone.


In-Season ProduceWhen you think fall, you think colours. The Autumn is the peak time for produce like apples, pomegranates, broccoli, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and more. Take advantage of them by incorporating them in hearty stews, soups, and whatever side dishes for your thanksgiving feasts.


In-Season ProduceWhile some of us can’t go into hibernation, you can still have amazing cozy hot foods. Starchy produce grows the best in the winter and it satisfies our carb cravings. Winter is a great excuse for #bulking and with the great foods you can find, you won’t regret it either. At the same time, your favourite crisp citrus fruits are here to fight off winter colds! Some of our favourite produce are beets, blood oranges, parsnips, turnips, potatoes, and pomegranates.


In-Season Produce-3When the spring comes, you can think of light, fresh foods. The spring time is amazing at providing us with lots of healthy fruits and vegetables to help kick start our bikini bodies! Some foods in season are: lychees, limes, dandelions, asparagus, green beans, and apricots.


In-Season Produce

Summer is time for some fun in the sun. This is when fruits and vegetables are the cheapest and the tastiest. Also, if you decide to grow your own herbs, the summer is the best time for them to grow. Many of your favourite exotic fruits are everywhere to be found – so start exploring your options!

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