Ingredients To A Successful Relationship

Ingredients To A Successful Relationship

Building a relationship is like making a cake. A typical cake can be made with eggs, four, sugar, milk and once you bake it, its a cake but its not that special. Comparing cakes to relationships, everyone knows the basic ingredients to a healthy relationship is love, care and PDA. Think about it, what will make your relationship better? Treat your relationship like making a cake. You can use high quality ingredients and it will transform your cake into the best red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting ever. Anyone else hungry here? If you wanna change up your relationship to be the most enjoyable yet, take a look at our recipe.

How To Make A Successful Relationship:

Prep Time: Work In Progress

What You Need: 

2 Cups of Laughter 

Ingredients To A Successful RelationshipWhat relationship would you be in if there was no laughter? Some of the top desirable qualities that woman would look for in a guy is the ability to make them laugh. To create a long lasting relationship, let there be laughter, and lots of it.

You will enjoy spending more time with your significant other and you would look forward to every single minute spent with them. Whether you two love rom-coms, prank videos, or just being plain silly, make each other laugh everyday, at least once a day.

2 Tbsp of Space 

Ever heard of why distance makes the heart grow fonder? Seeing each other everyday is ideally one of the best ways to keep a relationship steady but how about giving yourself some space? Why space works is because every interaction you have with your beau will become more meaningful. As a result, you will appreciate every date and realize how much you miss them.

1 Tsp of Support

What’s a relationship without support? Sometimes you may not agree entirely with what your second half’s opinion but maybe reevaluate what you are both fighting for. Give and Take is a mantra that should be practiced in your relationship. Once you give some of that support, your partner should be able to reciprocate support back to you. Supporting your significant other will develop trust where you can rely on each other for anything – even when the going gets tough.

2 Cups of Honesty

Take some time to appreciate honesty. We all know we should be honest in our relationships but a lot of time its not in practice or there isn’t enough of it. We suggest two cups, because honesty is the building blocks for a successful relationship. Without honesty, you should just throw out the relationship – because there is no trust. Without trust, there is no relationship.

A Dash of Intimacy For Taste 

Ingredients To A Successful RelationshipHappy couples have lots of intimacy. Whether that is cuddling, holding hands, or even sex, intimacy is a special bond that only you and your partner can have together. Without it, you would lose that bond, and it will create tension between the two of you.

Your partner may start to believe they are not loved by and then look to someone that will love them. Once that happens, you have failed to keep the relationship alive.


Bake Time:  A Lifetime

Serves: 1 Happy Couple

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