8 Instagrammers Who Must Be Stopped

8 Instagrammers Who Must Be Stopped

Instagram is a great platform for visual entertainment. It’s probably the best thing since Facebook. Everyday millions of users post pictures and videos for likes and comments. These pictures are conversation topics, they induce infatuation, love, and sometimes hate. We all have that one (or few) user who abuses Instagram and has us wanting to click unfollow (but we don’t because we’re nice!)

Below are ten people who ruin Instagram.

1. The Hashtag King

8 Instagrammers Who Must Be Stopped

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Does this look familiar? This person is the king of hashtags. He/she posts a minimum of ten hashtags per post even if the hashtag is to separate words. They do this #for #the #likes. It is truly annoying because in between the hashtags you are trying to find the caption of the photo. Is there even one? Why does it say #nofilter when there is clearly a filter? Why does it say #burgers in a fitspo post? WTF is #instagood? Why is this necessary? #YOUMUSTBESTOPPED

2. The Selfie Queen

8 Instagrammers Who Must Be Stopped

Everyone likes a good selfie once in while. But there is a true different between putting up one selfie a week (which is over the max, but still socially acceptable) and putting up one everyday. The Selfie Queen lives for #SelfieSunday, but any other day of the week is acceptable in her eyes to post a pic of her face. She believes she is on the level of Rihanna or Kim Kardashian. Unless you have an Instagram following of over 5000+ praising your existence, no one needs to see how your makeup changed in a span of two hours. Save yourself the 160 outtakes and calm down. The male version of the selfie queen is worse, because in no socially acceptable manner should a man take a basic picture of his face. -10 man points for a mirror selfie.

3. The Cliche Quoter

8 Instagrammers Who Must Be Stopped

The Cliche Quoter puts up quotes on the daily. She thinks she is motivational, meanwhile these quotes are basic. “If you can’t handle me at my worst, You don’t deserve me at my best“, “Every queen deserves a king who understands when her crown gets heavy“, and “Strong is the new skinny!” are only some of the ones she has posted. “One day I’ll travel the world.” But will you? It’s funny because this individual most likely probably does not follow their own advice. This person believes they are the modern day Ghandi and whatever they say is original. Turn down, you got this from Tumblr.

4. The Reposter

8 Instagrammers Who Must Be Stopped

Have you ever scrolled down your feed, saw a funny meme, laughed, scrolled further down and realized you were a victim? A victim of the Reposter that is. The Reposter finds comedic images from fuckjerry, thefatjewish, 9gag, and virtually any user people already follow and reposts their material. They are offenders because they do this not once, but ALL OF THE TIME. Find some unique material, bro. You are a victim because now this post is no longer funny. Your laughter was stolen.

This is an offence because 1) it’s annoying 2) I already saw this 3) you lack originality.

5. The Fitspo Fraud

8 Instagrammers Who Must Be Stopped

The Fitspo Fraud will run once a week, take a picture in her sports bra and booty shorts and caption it “Nothing like morning cardio! #fitspo #healthy #strongisthenewskinny #kale #abs”. After her once a week run, she will periodically post pictures of: a smoothie she got from Booster Juice (which has crazy levels of sugar fyi), a bowl of quinoa or a picture of her legs in Nike Frees and hashtag it #healthyliving #fitfam #fitsporation! Her WCW is always Jen Selter. Meanwhile, behind the scenes the only protein she is consuming are chicken nuggets. You are a fraud.

6. The Serial Filterer

8 Instagrammers Who Must Be Stopped

This person does not know what a natural filter looks like. She usually has 3+ apps on her iPhone to filter herself. These include and are not limited to: FaceTune, VSco Cam, Afterlight, Squaready, Crossprocess, etc. From selfie to a sunset, the Serial Filterer’s only wish is for her pic to end up on the popular page. What’s worse is when she hashtags #nofilter. Honey, I know for a fact that the pool behind you isn’t supposed to be tanned. We know EarlyBird when we see it.

7. The Collager

8 Instagrammers Who Must Be Stopped

The Collager’s favourite apps are Instacollage pro, PicStitch, and InstaFrame. Because the Collager could not decide which photo made her and her friend look hotter, she decided to use all eight for her friend’s birthday. She is usually generous enough to put 5 good pics of her and her friend and 3 of just her looking hot. The Collager puts up a collage at least once a week. Occasions include: birthdays, throwback Thursdays, Mothers/Fathers Day, Christmas, or basically any day where she can put up a picture of her having a good time.

8. The Failed Foodie

8 Instagrammers Who Must Be Stopped

This person is an aspiring foodie but fails so hard at it. They often post mediocre images at best in bad lighting and attempt to use Instagram to save it. If in the case this person believes they are a chef, they produce images that could be submitted to cookingforbae. The Attempted Foodie cannot have a meal without taking a picture of it. No one can touch the food until a photo has been captured. It doesn’t matter if it is a bucket of chicken from KFC, a photo must be taken. #foodie #noyourenot

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