Instagram’s Newest Update Includes 5 Brand New Filters

Instagram's Newest Update Includes 5 Brand New Filters

Instagram's Newest Update Includes 5 Brand New Filters

Attention all Instagram addicts! If you don’t follow Instagram’s own personal Instagram page (shame on you!) then we’re letting you know that they’ve announced today an update that’ll be providing us with 5 new filters to use and abuse! ‘Inspired by the photography, art, fashion and design of the global Instagram community’, these new filters replicate the edits that we already do to our photos through various outlets of photo editing. Be it via Photoshop or other apps, it really seems like Instagram is ramping up their editing game to bring their users back onto the platform. Here’s what each of the 5 new filters look like.

Let’s first preface by the fact that we absolutely love macarons (which is why we chose to use a photo of some as the guinea pigs for the filters).

Instagram's Newest Update Includes 5 Brand New Filters


Slumber indeed, this filter gives off a very hazy yellow toned color to the photo that at the same time brightened up the shadows, but also made the image look a little flat. We liked it, and can see how if used for that typical bedroom photo (rumpled sheets, knit knee-high socks, cup of joe in hand), it would pull off the perfect effect. High contrast and very bright, even the dimmest rooms will have details in the shadows.


More sombre then slumber, Crema seemed to pull more shadows from the photo than slumber did. This filter is dimmer than Slumber and isn’t as high in contrast. The colors seem a little bit hazier (maybe creamy like – good name?)


From a fashion blogging perspective, Ludwig is the ultimate filter to have. It brightens up the whites, creates contrast so that details aren’t lost in the shadows and the colors are much more vibrant as well. If you’re keen on showing off detail shots then this is the perfect filter to finish off your look with.


This filter gave off a very muted/diffused look that’s popular with VSCO Cam users. With the grey undertones to the photo, it gives a very cozy but warm effect overall.


If you’re looking for something with a green touch then Perpetua is the way to go. We’re not quite sure what style this filter would suite the best, but we’re sure that there was a demand for it out there.

Instagram's Newest Update Includes 5 Brand New Filters

But besides new filters, Instagram has redesigned their filter dock at the bottom of the editing portion of the app to be customizable as well. They’ve removed the beloved hot air balloon photo and replaced it with a hazy overlay of filter to give you a small preview of what it would look like over your photo of choice. Besides giving us an image preview, the filters can also be moved around to put our most used and favorite ones within easy access. This allows us to hide ones we don’t often reach for. Convenient? We definitely think so!

Although we weren’t over joyed with all of the new filters, the new capabilities that Instagram has provided us definitely make the overall experience much more user friendly. Hi fives to our friends at Instagram for coming up with practical updates!

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