Instantly Become a Model with Spring!

Instantly Become a Model with Spring!

Most of the things in life are fixable (and Spring will do just that). Don’t have good hair? That’s okay, tie it up in a pony tail. Not feeling quite happy with that pimple right in the middle of your forehead? Slap on some makeup. But one of the things that is really difficult to fix is being tall. If you’re vertically challenged, we get it. A lot of us are in the same boat as you. Not all of us won the genetic lottery and landed ourselves with supermodel aesthetics. Those long lithe legs and willowy arms? Heck I’ll trade in my first born for that bone structure!

Get your phone to do all the hard work with Spring

But fortunately for us, technology has solved this problem. No, we’re not trying to tell you to get plastic surgery (because some people actually do go to that extent to become taller). We actually have a non-invasive method to make you appear taller than you are in real life, unfortunately it only translates to photos.

Instantly Become a Model with Spring!

And no, Spring did not pay us to advertise for them. We just thought that this was an ingenious app to use so why not share it you guys! After all, there are already so many apps to do photo editing such as layering filters and blurring acne, so why not take it to the next step and just change the way we look in a photo completely!

You’re not going to look like an alien with the right algorithms…

The app easily increases your proportions by adding lines to your shoulders, hips and ankles to make it seem as if you were naturally taller without having to alter the photo. Obviously because this is all “photoshopped” you’re going to have to be careful of the other objects in the photo. Some of the things in the foreground and background will become warped when you edit the photo so make sure to take uncluttered pictures!

Instantly Become a Model with Spring!

If you’re not happy with how Spring stretches your body out proportionally, then you can also stretch it freely with two point markers as opposed to 3.  And once you’re ready to stretch yourself, you can easily adjust just how tall you want to appear. The app has a nice feature where you can compare the “model you” to the “real you” by switching back to your original photo when you’re in the “Springing” action of the app.

Instantly Become a Model with Spring!

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