iOS 8: Worth the Upgrade?

iOS 8: Worth the Upgrade?

iOS 8 has just been released and millions of people everywhere with Apple devices are dying to see how it works. Well, downloading iOS 8 is truly not for everybody. If you want to download the operating system on your 16GB without deleting your photos and apps (Bye, Monopoly Bingo 🙁 ) just plug it into your laptop and download it. It will take little to no space. Be warned: the iOS 8 was made for the iPhone 6, so on a 5 and 5s it’s bearable, but 4S is the absolute earliest model that can handle the new OS. If you have a 3, good luck. It would be like the ugliest man on earth being touched by Kate Upton. Yes, your 3 would explode.

Here is a rundown of the pros and cons of the only things you wanted to know about the new and “best operating system yet” (wasn’t this said about every damn Apple product?)


iOS 8: Worth the Upgrade?

iMessage now has a smart typing toolbar above the keyboard. You have the option to turn it off in your settings or merely dragging downward on the keyboard area to get rid of it. iOS 8 knows your typing style, how you e-mail and how you text. It will predict what you’re saying. You can also reply to texts straight from the notification area. Audio messages can now be recorded. As for Group Convos, they can be named and your location can be sent to your friends.

Why You’ll Like It: Now it spells ‘bae’ without trying to correct you. Some people ie. lazy or dinosaurs that need help typing their sentences love this because it gives you options for words. Cool, so less typing, because like, it’s so fatiguing. Plus maybe you’re basic and iPhone can predict every answer you have. The audio messaging is cool for when you’re doing your nails and don’t want to touch the entire screen. The location feature is pretty cool in case you get kidnapped…or just lost.

Why You Won’t: Yo iMessage, you don’t know me. If you are a complex individual, iOS 8 ain’t got sh*t on you. As soon as you open the conversation it gives you options of what to say. What if I don’t feel like saying that? Then what. iOS 8, have you ever met a girl PMS-ing? Plus every time you type the words keep changing. Visually confusing.

Camera + Photos

iOS 8: Worth the Upgrade?

Photos are separated into new albums such as Recently Added and Recently Deleted. Also now there is a timer (yay) and burst action which is great for taking failed selfies. Besides filters, iOS 8 offers other colour changing options like dragging the bar to make the photo lighter or darker. There is also Time Lapse.

Why You’ll Like It: Selfies! Recently Deleted photos allows you to recover photos if you deleted it by accident. You can also catch your man if he’s cheating by checking this folder. You can also now click on photos to make them invisible in your collections and moments.

Why You Won’t: First of all, you will go into a panic wondering where the F all your pictures went and why you only have one month’s worth of pictures. Then after clicking on Photos instead of albums you will find them. But wait, oh you want to use VSco Cam to do a TBT. SORRY, YOUR ONLY OPTIONS ARE RECENTLY ADDED AND OTHER ALBUMS YOU MADE…NOT YOUR ENTIRE LIBRARY. Maybe it’s there, but it’s hard to find. Also, if I deleted the photo it was probably because 1) it was shady 2) it was inapprops 3) needed to delete it to make room for more photos. SO WHY IS IT STILL HERE? And why, to permanently delete it, do I have to go in there and delete it again?


iOS 8: Worth the Upgrade?

App sharing is now a thing. You can download an app and share it with your family. You now have new permanent apps such as Health, Tips, Podcasts and iBooks.

Why You’ll Like It: You don’t have money on your iTunes, but wait your dad does. Cool, maybe he won’t mind if you download FaceTune from his iPad so you can have it. If you need a Health app you’ll have a great time because it keeps track of your fitness and progress. Tips is super helpful as well because it gives you snippets of how to use the operating system.

Why You Won’t: As of right now, not a lot of smaller apps have become compatible with iOS 8. This means there is a lot of crashing going on. Also, if you do not find use for any of the new permanent apps, sorry bud it’s there for life.


iOS 8: Worth the Upgrade?

iCloud allows you to digitally backup your phone on the internet so you don’t have to plug it into your computer all the time. It also ensures that all your Apple devices have all the same stuff on it. It remembers passwords, calendars, and all that fun crap you forget. iCloud keychain allows your Safari browser from your Mac or iPad to go onto your phone so you can complete your browsing.

Why You’ll Like It: Uniformity! Your iPad and iPhone will have the same stuff on it. Plus, no one apparently has time to plug in their iPhone to the computer to back it up.

Why You Won’t: Okay. Unless you have been under a rock you are aware of The Fappening. It doesn’t matter if iCloud says it has fixed its security problems, as long as it’s online it can be hacked into. iCloud constantly pops up asking you to sync to it. No. First of all only 5GB of data is free, so you have to actually start paying for your storage. Why do that when you can safely plug it into your laptop?


iOS 8: Worth the Upgrade?

Siri – you love her or hate her. People find Siri helpful because she tells you random facts and stuff, or does things you’re too lazy to do. Well now Siri has become more useful because she is now powered by Shazam. You heard me. Ask Siri “What song is this?” and she’ll instantly tell you. By going to your Settings and clicking Hey Siri, you can now yell at her instead of touching the Home button.

Why You’ll Like It: She’s more useful. Shazam. Plus you have someone to talk to when you’re alone.

Why You Won’t: For some of us Siri does not understand anything we say. You ask her, “Siri, what’s the weather today?” and she replies, “I didn’t hear that.” So you say it again, and she says, “There are no Taco Bells in the area.” Okay, Siri I didn’t ask that. What if you turn on the Hey Siri app at the bar or even somewhere quiet where someone is speaking. Siri will talk.

Other Notable Features:

– The font on your phone has become smaller than on iOS 7. Before it was small, now you can get a magnifying glass.
– When you double click to close multiple apps you’ll notice your recents in little bubbles above…easier access I guess.
– The Calendar is still crap.

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