8 Items to Always Buy in Bulk

When I was single it never occurred to me that I one day would be buying in bulk at the store. Now that I am a mommy, I always buy these 8 items in bulk to ensure that life runs smoothly at home, sans panic attacks and sprints to the convenience store!

Here are 8 items that us moms should always have in our homes and always buy in bulk:

1. Toilet Paper

Always purchase at least two packages of toilet paper, sexy mommies. Now that we are married and with kids, the rolls are just disappearing! Seriously, where do they go? It can be pretty shocking when you realize that all of the toilet paper has finished and the bedtime routine is coming up. Stock up to avoid having to “hold it” while sprinting 60 km/h on the sidewalk, in your slippers, dressed in your PJs, to the nearest 24/7 convenience store (but thank goodness for those).
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2. Rubber Gloves

You can never have enough rubber gloves, girlfriends. Purchase at least five pairs next time you go shopping. Protect your hands and manicures by wearing gloves before you start scrubbing the bath tub or even just washing the dishes. Take a look at these lovely rubber gloves designs.
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3. Baking Soda

When you see it, mommies, buy it. We all know by now that baking soda has 50+ uses. We can start with the fact that it’s a great item for house cleaning: sprinkle the sink and bath tub, scrub, rinse with water. The results are sparkling clean without the use of chemicals. Leave a couple of boxes in the kitchen and powder room.
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4. Laundry Detergent

How many times have your plans been changed after realizing that the clothes you just placed in the washing machine will not be washed today because you have run out of laundry detergent? Eeeeek! Stock up to avoid setbacks like these, superwomen. *Insert BeyoncĂ©’s “Run the World (Girls)” song here.*
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5. Facial Tissues a.k.a Kleenex

Can we say ‘convenience’? We sure can. Shopping for and buying facial tissues in bulk is a lot of fun. There are so many designs to choose from. Stock up, sexy mommies, to ensure that the next time the kids sneeze, spill water, or get covered in ketchup, you are a facial tissue box away from saving the day! Also, leave a couple of facial tissue boxes in the car.
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6. Paper Plates

Because there are days when we simply want to relax after dinner, and not have to stand around loading the dishwasher while digesting the Shepherd’s Pie. Introduce ‘Dinner in Paper Plates’ nights, because we deserve a break from the dishes, sexy mommies!
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7. Paper Lunch Bags

Great for snacks, not just for lunches! Kids love sharing their snacks so make sure to buy in bulk. Pack a couple of extra paper lunch bags in the little one’s backpacks so that they can share their snacks with their friends at school. Also, great for sharing our baked goods with our neighbours. Pop some freshly baked muffins in a paper lunch bag and deliver to your lovely neighbours for brownie points. Tip: Get creative and design you paper lunch bags by drawing on them, adding name tags, stickers and so much more. Truly fun for everyone!
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8. Wine

It’s amazing what a glass of wine can do! Buy in bulk and invite your amigas over for a wine tasting party. Also, give the gift of wine to your girlfriends and instantly gain good karma. Drink responsibly, mommies – I know lately we’ve been drinking a lot more vino than H2O!
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Organization combined with a little planning goes a long way in the day and life of a sexy mommy. Home life runs smoother when we are on top of our game. Happy wife, happy life!

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