@itslavishbitch Thrown Into Jail for 25 Days With $30,000 Bail


The most hated person online has been thrown into jail and his haters are reveling.

@itslavishbitch has one of the highest (haters) on Instagram. Just by creeping his profile, you can see why so many people are flaming on this internet troll. He goes by the name lavish, but his real name was revealed to be Param Sharma. What you will find on his Instagram are extremely lavish, self-absorbed, and grossly unreasonable ways he spends his money. He also has a huge following of 419,000+ people. Once in a while, he also posts up pictures of huge wads of cash and selects a “winner” from his followers to give away to.

Caption: If this gets 60K likes I’ll fly these bands away

But money can’t get you out of everything.

In the last 4 weeks, @itslavishbitch has been MIA on his social media accounts. His followers were wondering what’s up.

They found out that this internet star has been placed into a 90-day sentence at Santa Rita jail with a $30,000 bail. Apparently his friend found a stolen phone on the streets and asked him to sell it for him. He placed it on Craigslist because his friend was “unable to because he didn’t have cell service to post it on his own”. When the person who bought the phone off Craiglist found that it was unusable and a popup notice said it was a stolen phone, he brought it to the police who charged Param.

[pull_quote_center]The police knew him and were unhappy with his social media accounts. $30,000 bail is not something that could be done for these charges,’ Sharma’s attorney told Buzzfeed.[/pull_quote_center]

He has around 65 days left in his sentence if his appeal doesn’t go through. What’s even more ironic is that he was thrown into a mental ward for a week because the police “accidentally misplaced his files”. His attorney said that someone had tried to kill him.

While this may seem funny to most people now, we don’t think that anyone deserves to get this kind of treatment even if he is the spoiled kid of a rich billionaire. Does anyone find it unreasonable that he got such extreme treatment from the police because of his social media status?

Rumour has it that he’s just faking his status for social fame. The biggest internet troll in the world. Maybe he’s just an average Joe like us. (Although a very pretentious one that’s for sure).

What do you think of him being in jail? Do you think it’s funny or do you think it’s unjustified?

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