This Amazingly Cute Piggy Bank Will Leave You Coinless

Get a job, make some money, and save it up! If you’re not one of those saving types, this handy little mechanism could help you get your money out of your pockets in and into… a piggy bank?! Hey, we know you think that piggy banks are for kids 10 and under, but with this cute new Japanese gimmick, you will want to deposit your coins endlessly. We thought that piggy banks were supposed to look like this.

Gone are the days of the pink curly tail and the snout of an actual pig for a bank. In the 21st century, we’re presented with piggy banks that operate on their own. They take your money and they don’t give it back. (unless you really need it. Then maybe they’ll pop out and issue a refund). We know someone who owns this piggy bank and they say they’ve probably deposited $20 dollars worth of coins already. It’s just so damn amusing and cute!

Here’s another one that we found adorably cute. Seriously, who comes up with these ideas? Who wakes up one day and is like, instead of a normal piggy bank, I’m going to make it so that a train and pick up my coin and deliver it for me?

If you’re interested in buying any of these piggy banks — they are quite an investment in themselves. The original “Itazura” brand can be found in Japan, but we are pretty sure you can find them all over Amazon as well. If you’re interested in buying one, head over to this website: One box can be found for 2,300Yen (or around $22 USD). It’s an amazingly cute and a great gift for little kids. It’s the novelty of it that makes this the piggy bank of the “digital era”.

Tell us…

Would you buy this piggy bank? Would you use it?

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