#JasperCillesenSitsOnThings – The One Missing Meme

#JasperCillesenSitsOnThings - The One Missing Meme

Saturday’s third place game between Netherland and Brazil instantly went viral on the internet. And not for Netherland’s 3-0 defeat of Brazil, but because of what the Dutch goalie Jasper Cillessen did. Halfway through the game, he seemingly decided that the team’s placement was pretty much set in stone and decided that he was going to take a well deserved break. We guess that with a score of 2-0, he felt like he didn’t have to work quite so hard to secure the third place. Afterall, Brazil was already beat in their last game at a score of 7-0 to Germany. The broadcasters captured his goal post break and the image instantly shot to fame across the internet in the form of memes. Here are some of the best memes that we’ve seen so far.


Playing Quidditch with Harry

Ruling over in the throne

Stealing a ride from another player

Rolling across the field

Riding the wrecking ball with Miley

#JasperCillesenSitsOnThings - The One Missing Meme

Taking a dump across the universe

#JasperCillesenSitsOnThings - The One Missing Meme

Proving to Santa that he’s been a bad boy this year

#JasperCillesenSitsOnThings - The One Missing Meme

Vuvuzella-ing across the desert?

#JasperCillesenSitsOnThings - The One Missing Meme

Foretelling the end of the Titanic

#JasperCillesenSitsOnThings - The One Missing Meme

Chilling out with Forrest Gump

#JasperCillesenSitsOnThings - The One Missing Meme

Creating his own patio time

#JasperCillesenSitsOnThings - The One Missing Meme

Although these are all great memes, we’ve noticed that one ultimate meme is missing. When you have someone sitting… obviously Keanu Reeves has to be involved! Why has anyone yet to create a Jasper Cillesen Sits on Things with a Sad Keanu meme? I mean seriously, internet you have been slacking tonight! So we thought that we’d take it into our own hands and amend the issue by creating our own Keanu and Jasper meme. Well, what do you think? Is it worthy of the others already made?

Why so sad Keanu? Jasper is trying to cheer you up!

#JasperCillesenSitsOnThings - The One Missing Meme

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