Jewel-Toned Hair: The Biggest Hair Trend Of 2015?

Are you still in a phase with lovely pastel lavenders and bubblegum pinks? Well, sorry to say, but pastel and bright vivid hues were so 2014. It’s okay to be a mermaid, and we’re okay with whatever people rock, but the biggest trend that is about to emerge in 2015 is jewel-toned hair.

It all supposedly started with Kylie Jenner’s emerald and Nicole Richie’s sapphire, but a ton of other celebrities have started rocking it recently. You can go anywhere from a cool blue sapphire to a dashing ruby red tone.  The best part about it is that for those dark haired ladies, you no longer have to bleach it to a platinum-close-to-white color to achieve this.

Jewel-Toned Hair

How to recognize jewel-toned hair: Do you remember when you were a kid and you loved playing with your mom’s jewelry? To revel in those colorful stones? Well, jewel-toned hair is based off of those gemstones. The colors are not light, like pastel colored hair. They are more muted, with a dark undertone. They work mostly with dark brunette hair, but girls with blonde or red hair can dye their hair darker to achieve this look.

Green Jewel Toned Hair


If you’re looking for something more mature, emerald is a beautiful, classy color to go with. Kylie Jenner sported her own version of this hair last year. Green hair is usually looked down upon and something to be avoided, but in this case, these girls are rocking it. Just try not to go with a bright green color that will make your hair look like a grass field.

Jewel Toned Red


When people said that red hair was dying out, they obviously have not seen the beautiful ruby red jewel tone of the season. This kind of red will make you look like a darling scarlett straight out of Moulin Rouge. It’s fiery, passionate, and definitely will make a bold statement. If you’re the type that will want to stand out this year, try dying your hair a ruby tone. Be warned though, that this hair color will be a lot higher maintenance than all others, because it will fade to an icky orange-y brown or orange after multiple washes.

Purple Jewel Toned


Who doesn’t want a lovely purple amethyst hairdo? It’s always a big deal when you’re going something that resembles a grape — but hey, you gotta either go big or go home. Dying your hair purple is probably one of the easiest colors to take care of. It lasts pretty long, and after it fades, it will either turn into a brown (which isn’t so unnatural). Instead of the nice pastel purple girls are going after, a rich jewel-toned amethyst will make you look less kiddish and more suitable for a grownup setting.

Blue Jewel Toned Hair


Last but not least, sapphire toned hair is probably one of the most glamorous and beautiful, as shown by Demi Lovato (pictured above). It’s also one of the hardest to achieve and maintain. In order to get this color, you need to bleach your hair to just the right tone so that it’s not dark enough for the dye to turn green, and not light enough for the color to be a bright blue. You’ll probably also want to add a grey/silver undertone to it. After a few washes, it probably will turn green unless your hair is platinum white or has a silver undertone. Be sure to keep up the touch ups on this type of hairstyle or else you’ll have a head of dark green.

What kind of hair are you striving to achieve this year? Would you consider getting jewel-toned hair colors?

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