Reminiscing Your Childhood? Some Junk Food From The 90’s We Really Miss

Junk Food From The 90's We Really Miss
While there are still a lot of delicious food from the past that we enjoy to date, there are some that had a short life. If you lived through the 90‘s like us, then you definitely loved and miss these wonderful items of junk food just as much as we do!

Planters Cheez Balls

They came in a blue can with a yellow lid and were the best mixture of artificial cheese that  existed at the time. From watching it in front of the tv to eating it at your favourite baseball game, we all definitely have so many good memories that involved cheez balls. If you were a 90’s kid, chances are you’ve eaten these at a friends birthday party! There are so many petitions online to have them brought back. Watch this old commercial of these cheez balls where everyone is just having a ball! 

Gator Gum

Back in the early 1980s, the Gatorade people put their genius into snacks and came up with Gator Gum. It was not the most popular gum on the shelves, but amongst fans, it became an obsession.The chewing gum came in just two flavours: lemon-lime and orange. Remember the tangy taste much like sour candy that soon faded into flavourless gum in your mouth? Well, it doesn’t sound too appealing now but it was such an integral part of the 90’s.

Pepsi Blue

Pepsi with very little fizz and the taste of a blueberry popsicle! While it wasn’t half as refreshing it had a unique flavour that had got many people addicted. It wasn’t too sweet like other berry flavoured drinks, just the right amount. While it only had a 2 year run in North America, people are still petitioning to have it brought back. You might want to check ebay to buy them for a can for $5 (but we don’t really advise you to drink it).


Didn’t you just love the way those little balls magically floated in the bottle? The makers marketed it as a texturally enhanced alternative beverage, the texture however, felt a lot like bubble tea. It came in 5 different flavours and unopened bottles have become a collector’s item now and are being auctioned online. You can own one too for around 25$

Oreo O’s

Oreo O’s were a post breakfast cereal that was first launched in 1998, but canceled sometime in the mid 2000s, presumably because once people had a bowl they stopped buying any other cereal. A cereal with crunchy chocolate bits and delicious mashmellows, what’s not to love? Oreo O’s are allegedly still available in South Korea, which if that’s true, means it’s time for one serious road trip.

Clearly Canadian

We saved the best for last. Clearly Canadian flavoured water was not only refreshing, it came in a pretty bottle that was shaped like a tear drop. If you loved it as much as we did, there’s a way to get your hands on them! The company has resorted to a crowd funding initiative in which you can pre-order cases of the beverage and once they have enough orders, they will go into production again. You can order your cases here. Enjoy!

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