Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Alive: Couple App

Having trouble keeping your long distance relationship alive? The Couple App is an amazing app to keep you and your significant other connected intimately online. In the United States there are 14 to 15 million people in a long distance relationship, this application makes everything so much easier. The application is a messaging app revamped for couples ONLY. You can password protect the application, to keep everything private.



Under messaging there are various things you can send aside from the average videos, pictures, voice messages, emoji’s and texts. The special features include thumbkiss, thinking about you, location and drawings. Thumbkiss is a feature that allows the couple to enter a screen and place their thumbs on the screen. When both their thumbs are matched up, the phone will vibrate and the screen turns red. What better way to stay intimate than a thumbkiss?

The location function is for the overly attached. But, if you really need to know where they are.. It can track where you are via GPS and send it to your significant. YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER CANNOT TRACK WHERE YOU ARE, YOU CAN ONLY SEND THEM YOUR LOCATION BY YOUR OWN WILL. The creators of Couple aren’t that crazy. But your significant other might be..

Drawings, who doesn’t love to draw on their smart phones? You can send each other creatives pictures or battle it out on the combined drawing screen. It is a great past time and you can leave each other cute messages!



You can make lists on the Couple app to keep track of everything! Whether it be lists of places to go, packing lists, goals or your bucket list, it’s a great way to share with each other.



Your moments are your pictures, videos and drawings all together on a tiled screen. It’s an amazing way to get an overview of everything you’ve sent each other since you both used the application. It’s a cute compilation of your amazing moments throughout your relationship, cherish it!

Long distance relationships are tough, it is hard to bridge the distance gap. The Couple App helps you get a little closer and it’s exclusive to you and your significant other.

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How do you stay intimate with your significant other in a long distance relationship?

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