Keeping in Touch with your Friends

It’s no secret your childhood BFF may not actually stay your best friend forever, however it’s a nice feeling when you and your old friends stay in touch. Almost like a feeling of accomplishment; a point where you are assured of your friendship.

That being said, it’s not easy. You grow up, mature, and begin to discover who you are. Your aspirations change, your goals are different, and you meet so many new people that it becomes hard to keep up with both your new and old life.

Here are some helpful hints on keeping in touch with friends who may be across the street or across the country.


1) Skype -your new BFF

Ah Skype, the cousin of Beyoncé and Lady GaGa’s Video Phone. Skype makes it incredibly convenient to have face to face life chats from nearly any place or time because it is now available on most Smartphones and Tablets. The downside, you can only have a video call with one other person unless you upgrade to pro. The upside? Google’s got your back. Google Hangout allows you to video chat multiple people in the same call so you and your friends can all see each other’s beautiful faces (the photobooth animations are also entertaining, try the pirate face on for fun).


2) Visit each other

Take a weekend and visit each other, if possible that is. Visiting each other’s new homes will let you get a glimpse into their new life. It will give you the chance to meet their new friends and see the places they talk about. Plus, you may leave with a few more friends of your own or get a chance to be a tourist in a new city.


3) Snail Mail

Okay but seriously, who doesn’t love mail? Seems a little old school, but it is exciting to open your mail box and see that there is something there other than notices and bills. Something as simple as a birthday or holiday card will let them know you remember the important things.  Or, if you are feeling warm and fuzzy, a care package for their brand new home will be a crowd pleaser.


4) #tbt

This hashtag will actually come in handy, promise. Social Media outlets like Instagram allow us to post our best memories and share it with the world. It’s easy to find old gems and post them for better or for worse. A simple throwback Thursday post will let your friends know you are thinking of them and remembering the good times you shared together, even if it is the most embarassing picture, you know it will make them laugh.



5)  Take a trip!

Whether short road trip or a sunshine getaway –there is nothing like taking a vacation with your best buds. It will give you ample time to catch up and relax without any interruptions. Get the camera ready, selfies are a must.

Tell Us…

How do you and your friends keep in touch?

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  1. Having just moved home after 4 years away at school, I’m alway looking for a way to keep in touch with friends that are from home. Great tips and advice.

    • Aw, yes, that’s a long time to be away. Good luck and keep those friends close! We’re glad the tips and advice helped you! Let us know if there was anything else you came across through your experiences that helped.

  2. I have a lot of friends in different parts of the world and although we live miles away from each other, we always keep in touch. Sometimes it is difficult to take the time out of your busy life to keep in contact but these tips listed above are definitely the best way to keep those long distance friendships last.

    • That’s awesome that you’ve got friends everywhere (and places to stay when travelling haha). So true that it’s tough in our day-to-day busy schedules to keep up with friends. Glad you enjoyed the tips- let us know if you have any other advice that has helped you!


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