Kickstarter and Potato Salad

Aight, Kickstarter is on the front page of our radar, especially after having that potato salad post go viral. Haven’t heard of the story yet? Let us refresh you.

On July 3rd, Zack Danger Brown started a Kickstarter project where he wanted $10 to make potato salad. Yes, you heard it right, he just wanted just ten dollars to make a simple potato salad. At a contribution of $1, you get the a “thank you” on his website, and he will say your name out loud when making the potato salad. At $2 you get a photo of him making the potato salad, a thank you on his website, and all the above. It goes up to $50 where he promises to send out a cooking book of recipes for potato salad from different parts of the world.

OKAY. Sounds cool so far, but what turned out to be a single man’s journey to make a delicious potato salad turned into a whooping now-$47,000 “business venture”. It got as high as $70,000 on the 10th, but somehow dropped down to $43,000 the next day. But I mean, this is still a pretty big accomplishment for just one potato salad. potato salad

This may sound pretty preposterous to all you people actually wanting to get crowd sourcing from Kickstarter; why does this one guy deserve all this money simply for making a ridiculous campaign and getting it viral? We think there are a lot of other people that deserve it too! What about these people that want some food too? Who’s going to fund them?

kickstarter stuff

As we can see, hundreds of these requests have been posted up… but unfortunately for them it’s only the potato salad makin’ it’s way up to the top. So why was this campaign so successful?

  • It’s funny.
  • It’s original.
  • They’re paying him because they want to see if he will follow through.
  • Someone at ABC6 discovered it early on and reported it, leading it to it being viral.

As of today, the president of Jack Astor‘s has picked up on this viral tidbit, and has invited him to their restaurants to host the potato salad party.

Does this guy deserve all the money and fame? 

Probably not. But kudo’s to him for being innovative enough to come up with something this hilarious.

Here are some further success stories from Kickstarter:

cards against humanity

The famous party game — Cards Against Humanity was started on Kickstarter and was one of the earlier success stories of the site. It got its goal of $4000 in only two weeks and went on to become one of the best selling games on Amazon. Until now, this card game has made over $12 million in profit. It was one of the first examples on Kickstarter to initiate the popularity of crowd sourcing for games.

warmachine tactics

Warmachine: Tactics is one of the new games for PC & Mac that is based off the original table top game Warmachine game. It has recieved over $1.5 million and the rewards were delivered in April 2014.

These success stories show only half of what Kickstarter has in store for developers. Statistics say that over 57% of projects are not successful and over half of that receive 0-20% of the funding. Most of the stories that are successful have to do with technology based items, games, books, and movies.

So before you get your panties in a knot about raising a couple thousand in the world of Kickstarter, do your research. There are a lot more to it than delivering a potato salad.

Tell us…

What do you think of the potato salad Kickstarter?

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