Things Learned from Taking Public Transit

If you live in a small town, this probably doesn’t apply to you but it’s still relevant if you ever decide to move to/visit a big city. We all know that public transit can be cheap and easily accessible (usually) but other than that there are some issues that come with public transit. Let’s go through a few of them.

1. You discover you hate people.

Even if you say you love people, public transit will change your mind. There are so many personalities that you encounter and not all of them are good.

2. Body Odour stinks (literally).

Things learned from public transit Relating to why you hate people, they smell. With the temperatures rising, so does the amount of sweaty armpits you’re forced to be at eye-level with on the subway during the jam packed rush hour rides home. Haven’t people heard of deodorant… or just showering?

3. It’s not your living room, stop sprawling like a couch potato.

Things learned from taking public transit Some people just don’t have respect for public space. You are not in the comfort of your home. Please stop lying down on the seats like you are. Others would like to sit too.

4. Be gone Litterbug!

Things learned from taking public transit If you’re going to eat on the train, please have the decency to throw away your garbage. No one needs to/wants to be sitting beside a pile of trash. It’s disgusting and is so not cute.

5. Your bag does not need a seat.

This is pretty self explanatory. If you are one of these people, please stop. It annoys everyone.

6. Keep your feet off and shoes on.

Things learned from taking public transit Your shoes are dirty. Why would you think it’s okay to put them on seats that people sit on? Us girls like to wear white pants ever so often and if they get dirty because of your shoes, we will not be happy campers. Also, if your solution is to take your shoes off because you think that’s any better, think again. We do not need to be smelling or seeing your feet for that matter. Gross.

7. Musical chairs.

Things learned from taking public transit Sometimes it seems that people on public transit are playing musical chairs. Some people seem to constantly be changing seats. Why? Does anyone else get slightly offended when the person that sits beside you moves? Am I not good enough? Do I smell? These are just a few thoughts that usually go through my head.

8. Empty bus/train and someone decides to sit next to you.

Things learned from taking public transit Have you not heard of personal space? There are a million other seats and yet this person decides to sit beside you…why?

9. Creepers gonna creep.

Things learned from taking public transit In line with number 8, this one’s for the creeps that think it’s okay to brush their legs next to yours. Can we change the meaning of thigh gap to thigh gap? A.k.a. Your thigh should not be touching mine but my thighs can cuddle all they like.

10. Magical sandman sand.

Things learned from taking public transit Something about public transit makes everyone so sleepy. It’s as if it were the home of the magical sandman himself sprinkling magical sand on everyone.

Tell Us:

Have you encountered any of these things on your commutes? Anything we missed? Let us know!

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  1. I’m moving to a more city-like environment when I move to college and I can’t take my car unless I want to pay tons of money for parking everyday so, I will have to start using taxi’s or buses to get to places. I have never done this before and I’m not scared either but I think these tips or warnings will help out haha. Thanks for the post!

    briannaly xo.

    • You’ll have to let us know how your move ends up going! We admire you for not being scared! It can be a doozy. We’re glad you enjoyed the tips darling!


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