6 New Twists on Classic Lemonade to Try This Summer

Some people say there is nothing better then an ice cold lemonade. We beg to differ.

Lemonade is the perfect combination of tart and sweet.  Served nice and cold, it’s the ultimate refreshing summer drink!

Picture this: you just finished mowing the lawn.  The sun is beaming down on your back.  You can feel the sweat dripping down your neck.  Then, you see it.  Across the street…  a lemonade stand! Is it a mirage? You dart across the street, and sure enough: ice-cold lemonade.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Yes, lemonade is a wonderful thing.  It’s hard to imagine how such perfection could be improved upon, but it can! Try these recipes for a modern twist on the classic!

Modern Twists on Classic Lemonade

1) Mint Lemonade: This is the ultimate refreshing take on a drink that is already very refreshing. Adding mint is only going to improve the level of refreshment.  You can also add crushed ice and make it a slushie! Here is a great recipe from Quick & Dirty kitchen.

Photo from
Photo from Quick & Dirty kitchen.

2) Raspberry Limeade: This raspberry limeade recipe from Eating Well is sweet and tart.  The raspberries give the drink a gorgeous, vibrant pink colour, and the lime is a nice alternative to the typical lemon flavour!

Photo from Eating Well.
Photo from Eating Well.

3) Blueberry Lemonade: This is a great way to use your seasonal berries before they go bad! Adding the blueberries to your lemonade is the perfect way to get your anti-oxidants.  Here is a great recipe from Closet Cooking.

blueberry lemonade
Photo from Closet Cooking.

4) Mango Lemonade: This mango lemonade recipe from Foodie Misadventures adds a tangy, tropical twist to the traditional lemonade.

Photo from Food Misadventures.
Photo from Food Misadventures.

So tell us:

What’s your favourite summer drink?

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