Let’s Have A Play Date, Mommies!

Play Date
Play Date

“Let’s have a play date!” The five words every sexy mommy loves to hear from another sexy mommy. Why? Because a play date means that this is our time to catch up with one another while the children play together. It’s perfect. Moms like to chat, relax, and snack on delicious appetizers while the kids have a great time playing and socializing. I love it!

A play date’s purpose is to connect moms and little ones for some quality time together. Usually, a play date runs anywhere from one to three hours either in your own home, the other mama’s home or at an outdoor location such as; the park, an indoor play ground, a community centre, the library, the museum, etc. If you do get invited to a play date, remember that it is your turn to plan the next play date. It’s only fair to take turns hosting, besides it’s a lot of fun!
Play Date
Here are some ideas to consider on how to have a fun play date with your sexy mommy friends:

Plan Ahead

It’s a good idea to connect  with your girlfriends, via phone calls, text messages or e-mails, a couple of weeks in advance, to let them know that you have a play date in mind that you would love to organize. Moms have busy schedules and respect the heads up. Communicate with each other and ask questions. “Would you like to have a play date at my place or the park?” “What’s your time availability?” “Do your children have any allergies?” “When do your kids take their naps?” The more you know, the more fun you and your kids can have!

Safety First

Whether you are the one hosting a play date or your girlfriend is – always put safety first. If it’s a home play date be sure to remove from the play area all sharp objects and glass. Place corner guards on any of the tables closest to the play area. Explain to the precious ones which areas are off limits and why. Kids like to know the reason behind our rules. Have paper towels handy, in case of any water spillage, to prevent minor falls. A safe play date is a fun play date!

Play Date

Play Date Food

If you’re the mommy that’s been invited to a play date then you should always buy food to give to the mama that’s hosting the play date. Here are some play date food suggestions:  a fruits and vegetable platter, croissants, tea biscuits, marble cake, chips and salsa, hummus and crackers, etc. This will ease off the pressure on the mom that’s hosting the play date, and that’s what friends are for!


Buy a Gift For the Kids

The mommy that’s invited to a play date should always purchase a fun gift for the other mom’s kids. Involve your child in the gift purchasing by asking them to choose a toy for their friend. After all, kids know best what kids like. This teaches the little darlings about how important it is to give, it teaches them about decision making and generosity. It also gives children a sense of pride and responsibility.

Play Date


Buy a Gift for your Girlfriend Too

You’re going to see your girlfriend, buy her a gift! Surprise her with a new cook book, a comedy novel, a copy of Vogue magazine, the latest, seasonal nail polish, a scarf, a fun lipstick shade, a Starbucks gift card, tickets to a sports game, flowers in a pot,etc. She’ll love and be thankful for any type of gift from her gal pal!

Arts and Crafts

Set up an arts and crafts table for the youngsters. Children enjoy taping, glueing, colouring, cutting and creating together. This activity provides an opportunity for kids to bond with one another, share tools and discuss ideas. Get ready, mommies, to hang up the masterpieces on your walls!

Play Date

Let Kids Play

Allow the youth to let their imagination run wild. Let them run around, play dress up, be a fairy and a superhero, play hide and seek, make a tent, dance and be themselves. Kids are just as excited as you are at a play date.

Play Date

Mommy Time

While the little ones are playing mommies can play too. Here are some fun ideas, girlfriends: give each other a manicure while discussing the latest recipes you’ve tried. Pop some popcorn and check out the latest issue of Vogue. Bake together and take some baked goods home to your husbands. Window shop online and make a wish list. Play chess, scrabble or crosswords. Drink tea and be merry!

Read Books

A great way for mommies and children to bond together during a play date is to read books together. Each mama can take turns reading a book the kids pick. Reading books is a great way to have some quiet time either in the middle of or at the end of a play date.

Play Date

Group Hug

All good things must come to an end – make sure you end them with a hug, a group hug. Huddle the kids together and create a kid-mommy hug. Prepare for some major giggles and positive vibes. A great way to end a great play date!

Moms need other moms for a good laugh, great company, advice and for over all well-being. Children need to play, chat, create and spend quality time with their friends. Schedule a play date at least once a month, girlfriends, for some QT (quality time) together!

 Do you and your kids go on play dates?

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